5 Business Trends That Have Moved Online

5 Business Trends That Have Moved Online

The introduction of the internet changed the life of almost everyone on the planet. At the time the World Wide Web opened to the public in 1991, there was very little to be excited about. In fact, general use of the internet as we know it today did not begin until 1994 when websites started to become available. However, even in the early stages of the internet, it was clear the daily lives of people were about to change.

Sending Letters

One of the first applications of the internet to be widely adopted by the public was email. Using email, it is possible for one person to send a message to another person instantly using the internet. There is no need to wait days for the email to arrive as it is transferred in seconds from the sender to the recipient. Individuals and companies no longer must rely on sending letters in the post and even confidential documents can be sent using email and encrypted so only the intended recipient has access to the files. Sending documents is one of the 5 business trends that have moved online.


Shopping is one of the major business trends to have moved online in the past 20 years. Not only have the big-name brands from the shopping malls moved online but thanks to the internet, many new independent retailers have formed. Some of the biggest names in shopping have only existed since the introduction of the internet, with Amazon being a good example. Several retailers who previously had land-based stores have switched to trading online only as the costs of running the website are cheaper than a physical store. Furthermore, customers can shop 24/7 online, something which is not possible at a shopping mall.


Another of the 5 business trends that have moved online is banking. There was a time when all banking had to be done inside a bank but thanks to the internet, most of the common banking transactions can be completed online. For example, switching funds from a standard account to a savings account can be done in a matter of seconds using an online banking application. There is no need to book an appointment and travel to a physical bank to make the transaction. It is even possible to apply for a mortgage, overdraft, or loan online, all of which previously required making an appointment to see an advisor in person at the bank. Such is the strength of online security today; people are trading 24/7 and money is constantly exchanging hands.


Sweepstakes first emerged as a form of lottery with the winners chosen at random. Companies often included sweepstake competitions in their products and consumers could send in a token through the post to prove they purchased the item and would then be entered into the sweepstake. The sweepstake does not cost anything to enter, and many competitions are now available online. Most online companies selling products will run a competition where the participants submit their email and are automatically entered into the draw. Most sweepstakes are now run online, even those that are advertised on the packaging of a physical product. Gone are the days of having to send an entry via the postal service. Even online casino games have adopted the sweepstakes model and new sweepstakes casino games are emerging every month.

Booking Vacations

Booking a vacation was once the domain of the travel agent and brochures could be picked up from the store. Booking vacations is one business trend that has become extremely popular online, including flights, accommodation, car hire, and excursions. There are several hugely successful travel companies that did not exist until they started trading online and those who used to operate in physical stores have been forced to offer their services online to survive. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to book a vacation from home in a matter of minutes.