Transforming Your Business Into A Gestalt

The term ‘gestalt’ is defined by as ‘an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.’ We have often felt this before. Listen to a symphony played by an orchestra, for instance, and you’ll be able to pick out separate instruments. Yet without the other instruments and players contributing to the seminal piece, you wouldn’t be able to hear the entire beauty of the score in full.

A business can operate this way too. When a firm comes together to carefully develop and integrate its systems, also known as synergy, it can operate at a productivity level that becomes more than the sum of its parts. But how is this achievable? Is there voodoo or magic involved? Of course not, even if the results can seem so. When you take a careful analysis of your systems, and thoroughly optimize, your business can take on elements of the gestalt definition, and from there operate at a higher efficiency than it may have beforehand.

With some of the following advice, you’ll see how this is possible:

Using Excellent Services

Ensuring your company is cared for with integrative, excellent and analytical services can be a great idea. SAP HANA could be considered one of these excellent cloud provisions, giving your company more than it could ever need to function effectively, always striving for the optimal results. It’s when third-party platforms provide you with ease of accessibility, even for things such as your HR framework, that you start to notice ease of management and more reliable results in general. Not a bad place to start, we’d say.

Integrating Departments

Integrating departments effectively is important. For instance, if HR is not carefully able to assess payroll and interrupt conflicts in your workforce, then they are effectively muted. However, integration does not mean domination or doubling up roles, it simply means being able to provide a system that allows for these processes to be managed effectively. To use another example, your marketing team should be able to easily consult your legal team to ensure that their ideas are carefully analyzed in the correct context. As an adaptive form of business development, you will notice this brings the best out of both sides.

One Cohesive Framework

Holding one cohesive framework can be ideal. When you use managed IT services, for instance, every terminal is hooked up to one centralized means of conducting business. This allows you to set access privileges, connecte everyone to the cloud, and standardize your compatible file formats site-wide. Additionally, using apps that enhance communication such as Slack or more direct serviced offerings can provide a standardized communication tool, which is important when asking your employees to collaborate and develop ideas together. This way your business can move as a unity, something which will ultimately ensure its best development.

With this advice, we hope you can more prominently turn your business into a gestalt operation. Overarching business goals can sometimes be vague, but we believe that you can turn the vague into the concrete with good planning.

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