Upcoming Events For Bettors To Be Excited About

If you enjoy betting on sports, then you’re not alone. Sports betting is more popular than it’s ever been, with a huge variety of betting markets available across every type of sport you could think of. Not only this, it’s all available at your fingertips!

If you’re looking for upcoming events to bet on, then fear not! 2023 still has some incredible events in store for bettors to be excited about. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest ones.

UEFA Champions League Final

Set to take place on the 10th June in Istanbul, Turkey – this year’s Champions League Final is set to be a great one. The teams that are currently left in the competition have some of the best players in world football in them, so the final is sure to be explosive when it rolls around.

Betting on football provides a lot of different markets to choose from and the Champions League final in June will be no different. If you want to keep it simple and just pick a winning team then you can do this but there’s also an array of goalscorer markets, corners, free kicks, correct score etc etc. As well as UEFA Champions League, Premier League betting in Canada, for example, is massively popular and is only getting more so.

NBA Finals 

Another huge upcoming event that bettors around the world will be hotly anticipating is the NBA Finals, taking place from June 1st-18th. This year’s finals are looking like they’ll be more hotly contested than ever, with several of the biggest teams in the league still in contention.

What makes the NBA finals so exciting for bettors is that it provides so many opportunities to make money. There are multiple betting markets to take advantage of as well as the fact that the Finals are a best-of-seven series of games, so there’s more than one game to bet on.


Tennis’ premier event, Wimbledon is always a big lure for bettors and it’s not hard to see why. Over the two weeks that Wimbledon takes place, there are so many games to bet on. There are different types of games too – Whether you prefer men’s singles, ladies’ doubles, mixed doubles – there’s plenty to choose from and that’s not even mentioning the different types of markets you can bet in.

This year’s Wimbledon starts on Monday, July 3rd and will provide plenty of great opportunities for bettors.

Women’s World Cup

Women’s sports are certainly seeing a big rise in the number of people betting on them, particularly women’s football, which is now much more widely televised than it was in the past.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup is being held in Australia and New Zealand and starts on July 20th. It will see the women’s football teams from 32 nations competing for the trophy and will provide bettors with many chances to make money, whether it’s betting on individual games, the top scorer for the competition or the overall winner.

US Open 

The US Open is one of the biggest events in golf and always brings in a huge crowd as well as a massive TV audience globally. As well as the excitement of seeing the best golfers in the world competing for such a prestigious trophy, the US Open is also a great opportunity for bettors to make money.

Be sure to tune in to this year’s event, which takes place at Los Angeles Country Club and starts on Thursday 15th June.

Ryder Cup

Sticking with golf, The Ryder Cup offers different opportunities for bettors since it’s a team-based tournament. Players on teams representing either the US or Europe compete against each other over 3 days. This year’s event runs from 29th September to 1st October.

World Series

Lastly, is the World Series – the biggest event in Major League Baseball. The World Series is an event that millions of Americans tune into each year. It’s also becoming bigger globally in recent years though, as more opportunities to watch it from overseas have become available.

The World Series is always a big event with bettors, who enjoy betting on which team they think will ultimately prevail. The World Series will start in late October, with potentially seven games running until November 4th.


Even though we’re now a good chunk into the year, 2023 still has plenty of fantastic sports events for bettors to be excited about. The range of different events across many sports provide unique betting opportunities and ways to make money. Providing your gamble responsibly, there’s no reason you can’t make the remaining sports events of 2023 profitable as well as exciting to watch.