Choosing a Substance Addiction Treatment Program

Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy. It often starts with finding the right treatment program to fit your needs. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you might not be sure where to start when it comes to choosing a rehab. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a substance addiction treatment program. 

12-Step Rehab vs. Non-12-Step Rehab Programs

If you find yourself trying to decide between a 12-step or non-12-step rehab in California or any other state, you might be wondering what the difference is.

The 12-step rehab model is commonly used by organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). These programs focus on three main elements: acceptance, surrender, and participation.

Non-12-step rehabs, on the other hand, tend to focus on motivation, personal responsibility, self-reliance, and balance. 

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Programs 

One of the most important decisions you’ll face when choosing a drug rehab is if you want to attend an inpatient or outpatient program. A residential inpatient treatment program allows you to stay at a rehab facility while focusing on your mental health, while an outpatient program allows you to continue working, going to school, and/or caring for your family as you undergo treatment for your addiction.

No matter what you decide, it’s important to continue to receive care even once the program has ended. Research has found that the most effective option is continuing treatment even after you’ve been discharged from an addiction treatment program. Even if you choose a residential treatment program, it’s ideal to make sure they have a transitional or continuing care program. 

Licensure and Accreditation 

When choosing a drug rehab, it’s important to make sure the facility has received proper licensure and accreditation. This ensures the facility and its staff meet certain standards to ensure you’re receiving proper care.  

Local Rehabs vs. Out-of-Area Rehabs 

One factor you’ll want to take into consideration when choosing a rehab facility is if you want to choose a local or out-of-area rehab facility. There are benefits to both. Not having to travel far to receive treatment can work to your advantage, especially if you want to undergo outpatient treatment or want to continue to receive care afterward.

For some people, however, going out of state can be a more ideal option. Not only does it make it more difficult to leave the program and go home, it also gives you space from family and friends as you focus on your healing journey. If you choose a location with warm weather, such as Florida or California, it might also put you in a better mindset as you work on recovering.

Another one of the advantages of out-of-area rehabs is that they can get you away from so-called “friends” who may be bad influences on your addiction. Teenagers and young adults, especially, may benefit from leaving the area and even starting out fresh in a new location if it means leaving the negative influences of their past behind. 

Types of Treatment Options

There are a number of different types of drug treatment options. A good rehabilitation facility will work on creating a customized care plan that’s catered to you and your needs. This may mean you will receive various types of therapy. You’ll want to talk with the rehab before you decide to attend to get a better understanding of what their substance abuse treatment program looks like. 

Choosing the right rehab can play a huge role in your likelihood of beating your addiction. Finding the right location and program for you is essential. Taking these and other factors into consideration can help get you back on the path to healing.