Smart Circle Welcomes Over 100 New Independent Sales Company Owners to Its Office

Newport Beach, California — Smart Circle, a leader in outsourced face-to-face marketing and in-person sales, proudly welcomes over 100 new independent sales company owners to its office this week. Smart Circle hosted two days of meetings where new business owners were able to network, receive invaluable industry news, and collaborate.

Smart Circle is highly-respected for consistently achieving success for its clients, whether small start-ups or Fortune 500 companies. By connecting its clients to independent sales companies within the nationwide Smart Circle sales network, Smart Circle is able to help clients achieve their customer acquisition and brand awareness goals throughout the country. Simultaneously, Smart Circle provides opportunities for growth to the independently owned and operated sales companies with which it contracts.

With businesses looking to add customers and finding that traditional customer acquisition methods, like television ads and email marketing, have become less effective, more and more businesses are seeking out help from outsourced sales brokers including Smart Circle. While traditional marketing companies are experiencing negative effects of a stagnating economy, Smart Circle is flourishing due to increasing demand. It is not surprising that Smart Circle has welcomed more than 100 independently owned and operated sales companies to its sales network.

The recent meetings were held at the Smart Circle Headquarters in Newport Beach, California, from July 27th to July 28th, 2023. Meetings included keynote speeches from sales leaders, operations team members, and senior compliance officers who discussed the newest client programs, compliance best practices, and client standards. Chief Operating Officer of Smart Circle, Jigna Patel, commented that “the new ICD meetings are always amazing! It’s great seeing everyone interact, learn, and network. The focus, intensity, and energy are contagious! I am excited about our growth!”

Smart Circle is not only dedicated to helping businesses achieve success, but they are also committed to helping individuals and groups thrive within their communities. They continuously give back through philanthropic initiatives. One of their passions is working with Working Wardrobes, a charitable organization local to Orange County. Working Wardrobes helps individuals prepare and find jobs through wardrobe services, career training, and job placement assistance.

In light of their strong commitment to positively impacting their community, Smart Circle held a clothing drive and invited the independent sales companies a chance to donate and give back to the community, rounding out a productive

About Smart Circle

Smart Circle is a sales and marketing firm helping businesses grow by designing personalized in-person marketing and sales campaigns. They execute their presentations and demonstrations in the top retailers, companies, and corporations and carry out business-to-business (B2B) and door-to-door (D2D) canvassing. Smart Circle demonstrates expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and versatility in their consultations, practices, and results, actively helping the world’s biggest brands and Fortune 500 companies drive customer acquisition and sales.

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