The Top Benefits of a Client Portal

The Top Benefits of a Client Portal

More customers are now looking to resolve issues on their own to save time and also feel empowered. The stats show that 81% of customers will endeavor to take care of their problems before reaching out to an agent. This is also beneficial to companies since it helps with automation and reduces the workload on support staff.

With a client portal, you can offer customers what they desire and retain them for a long period. It allows them to access every necessary information so they can fix issues and deepen their knowledge of your product or service. In this article, we’ll discuss what a client portal is and some benefits of using a client portal software.

What is a Client Portal?

A client portal is an interface that customers can use to submit support requests, find knowledge base articles, contribute to a community forum, and also track their interactions with your company. It can be an app or a website that connects your self-service functions together so they are easily accessible to customers.

Some activities that can be performed on a client portal include: creating and tracking tickets, managing orders and tracking product delivery, managing subscription plans and payment information, looking up quotes and invoices, scanning through the knowledge base, using the community forum to ask and answer questions, etc.

Benefits of a Client Portal

A client portal software is useful to small businesses, large enterprises, and everyone else. It allows clients to access information, self-service support, and reach out to service agents without stress. Here are some benefits of setting up a client portal for your business.

  • Better customer service.

A customer portal can help to improve your service quality and keep customers satisfied. This is mostly because they can look for solutions on their own and resolve their issues quickly. Your customers would no longer have to wait hours for an agent to respond.

Since most customers now prefer self-service, you can easily retain them with a client portal. They can access the portal on any device, track metrics or requests, and can perform actions (like viewing account balances or making a payment) at any time of the day or night.

  • Improves your brand image.

A good client portal can make your company appear more professional and ultimately, boost your brand image. It shows that you pay attention to details and you are particular about enhancing the customer’s experience and providing easy access to resources.

This helps to strengthen the customer relationship and increase loyalty since you’re transparent with services. With a customer portal, customers are less likely to feel frustrated or fall out of touch with your company. They get to access everything in their personalized portal.

  • Security.

One major issue for businesses is the ability to keep sensitive customer information secure. You can use a portal to store client data and documentation. This means you’d have to choose a client portal software that offers a high level of security to avoid data loss.

A client portal software should also meet regulatory compliance and standards requirements. This helps to ensure that there would be no risk of data breaches when clients submit or retrieve personal and sensitive information. It also keeps company data safe too.

  • More efficient customer support.

A client portal makes customer support more efficient and easily accessible. It can integrate with a helpdesk ticketing system so customers can log support tickets and track progress directly from the portal. They can also edit or change their information on the interface.

There are several tools that you can integrate with your customer portal to allow for self-service. This includes communication tools, collaboration tools, file storage and downloads, analytics dashboard, resource library, etc. With a portal, you can offer so much in one place.

  • Engage in community forums.

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of a client community forum. It brings your customers together and allows them to provide support to each other. They get to discover more about everyone’s experiences with your company’s products and services.

A community forum is a place where customers can engage with one another’s queries, problems and solutions. It’s a good idea to allow customers to help each other since it reduces the burden on your help desk team and also lessens support costs.

  • Receive customer feedback.

You can collect feedback on your service, products and customer support from your customers via the client portal. You can achieve this by incorporating surveys, widgets, forms, etc. in your client portal software.

The client portal is a great place to receive feedback from customers as often as possible. It allows you to easily gauge their level of satisfaction with your products as well as identify areas of improvement. This helps to determine how best to improve the overall customer experience.