How to watch Sacramento State vs Stanford Live College Football on 16th Sep. 2023

College football fans get ready for an exciting showdown as the Sacramento State Hornets face off against the Stanford Cardinal in a highly anticipated NCAA matchup today. The stage is set, the teams are prepared, and fans are buzzing with anticipation as these two football powerhouses go head-to-head. In this article, we’ll preview this thrilling encounter, highlight key players to watch, and delve into the storylines that make this game a must-watch event for football enthusiasts.

How to watch Sacramento State vs Stanford Football today

Date: Saturday, September 16, 2023

Time: 8:00 PM ET

City: Stanford, CA

Venue: Stanford Stadium

Channel: PAC-12

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On the defensive side, the Hornets boast a formidable unit led by linebacker Marcus Hawkins. Known for his hard-hitting tackles and ability to disrupt opponents’ passing game, Hawkins will be tasked with containing Stanford’s offensive threats. Sacramento State’s defense will need to step up to the challenge to keep the game competitive.

The Sacramento State Hornets come into this game with a chip on their shoulders, determined to prove their worth against a formidable opponent like Stanford. As a member of the Big Sky Conference, the Hornets have a history of causing upsets and showing they can compete with teams from larger conferences. Their offense, led by star quarterback Jake Dunniway, has the potential to put up big numbers. Dunniway’s ability to read defenses and make accurate throws downfield makes him a player to watch in this matchup.

Team Sacramento State Hornets Preview

Nickname: Hornets

Conference: Big Sky Conference

Location: Sacramento, California

Head Coach: Troy Taylor



The Sacramento State Hornets football program, representing California State University, Sacramento, is an exciting and competitive team in the world of NCAA college football. Under the leadership of Head Coach Troy Taylor, the Hornets have been steadily making a name for themselves in the Big Sky Conference and beyond. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this team unique and what to expect from them in the upcoming season.


Offensive Firepower:

The Hornets are known for their dynamic and high-scoring offense. Under the guidance of Coach Taylor, who has a reputation for innovative offensive schemes, Sacramento State has become a team that can put up points against any opponent. One of the key players to watch on offense is quarterback Jake Dunniway. With his strong arm and excellent decision-making, Dunniway is a field general who can lead the Hornets to victory.


Additionally, the team’s receiving corps, consisting of talented wideouts and tight ends, adds depth and versatility to their offensive attack. The Hornets are known for their ability to stretch the field with deep passes while also having a solid ground game to keep defenses honest.


Defensive Prowess:

While the Hornets are often praised for their offense, their defense should not be underestimated. The team features a tenacious defensive unit capable of creating turnovers and pressuring opposing quarterbacks. Linebacker Marcus Hawkins is a standout player on the defensive side of the ball, known for his hard-hitting tackles and ability to disrupt the opponent’s passing game.


The secondary is also a strength for Sacramento State, with skilled defensive backs who can make plays on the ball. These defensive playmakers will be crucial in containing opposing offenses and giving the Hornets an advantage in field position battles.


Recent Success:

Sacramento State has been on an upward trajectory in recent years. They’ve not only been competitive within the Big Sky Conference but have also made their presence felt in the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) playoffs. This upward trend has garnered attention and respect from fans and opponents alike.


Fan Support:

The Hornets enjoy strong support from their passionate fan base. Hornet Stadium, located on the Sacramento State campus, is where the team calls home, and it’s a place where fans gather to cheer on their team with unwavering enthusiasm. The vibrant atmosphere and community spirit at Hornet Stadium make it a special place to watch college football.

Team Stanford Cardinal Preview

Conference: Pac-12 Conference

Location: Stanford, California

Head Coach: David Shaw



The Stanford Cardinal football program, representing Stanford University, is a prestigious and historically successful team in the NCAA college football landscape. Under the guidance of Head Coach David Shaw, the Cardinal have consistently been a force to be reckoned with in the Pac-12 Conference and on the national stage. Let’s dive into what makes this team special and what to expect from them in the upcoming season.


Tradition of Excellence:

Stanford football has a rich tradition of excellence, with a storied history that includes numerous conference championships and bowl game victories. The program is known for its commitment to both academic and athletic success, a testament to Stanford’s status as one of the nation’s top universities.


Coach Shaw has upheld this tradition, building upon the legacy left by his predecessor, Jim Harbaugh. Shaw’s leadership has seen the Cardinal maintain a high level of competitiveness in the Pac-12 Conference and contend for national recognition.


Powerful Running Game:

One of Stanford’s trademark features over the years has been its powerful running game. The Cardinal often boast a formidable ground attack that grinds down opposing defenses. This style of play has been anchored by talented running backs who can both find holes in the line and break tackles.