What Is the Difference Between a General Contractor and a General Construction Company?

If you are planning to build on your land, you may have a specific vision in mind as to what you want to see there. It may be your new home or maybe a series of retail stores or some other project. However, before getting this new structure off the ground, you probably want to have a clear picture as to whether working with a general contractor is what you need or if you need to hire a general construction company. Each of them offers different benefits. Let’s see what they are so that you have the information you need to make the right decision.

The Main Difference Between a General Contractor and a General Construction Company

As the name implies, a construction company is an independent business whose objective is to make construction projects come to fruition. As a company, it has the necessary knowledge, expertise, and specialized employees to carry out the job.

On the other hand, a general contractor is an individual who can either work for themselves or as an employee of a construction company. However, the general contractor also has the expertise to supervise a construction project from beginning to end, and they usually have the necessary network of subcontractors to call upon as needed.

What Are the Main Benefits of Hiring a Construction Company?

The main criteria when it comes to hiring a construction company is likely to be the scope of your project. If you are undergoing the building of an ambitious retail or office space, you may want to consider a construction company because:

  • They have the knowledge to closely pinpoint the costs associated with the project.
  • They can take over the management of the entire project, including acquiring all needed permits and materials.
  • You will be working with a team of licensed and skilled construction experts who can deliver the quality you expect.
  • Every aspect of your construction project will be handled professionally and efficiently.

The only drawback in this case may be the feeling that you are relinquishing control of your project. However, if you have too many other things going on, that might be precisely what you need.

What Are the Main Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor?

A general contractor would also be responsible for overseeing the entire project. They work with a network of subcontractors who would be called in as needed. They also have the necessary knowledge to get the permits the project calls for and can get the materials you need. 

The questions you may have are whether you might have more control over your project when you work directly with only one person and whether they would charge less for their work than what you would pay a construction company. These are both valid questions, but they do not have a straightforward answer since each construction project has its own demands.

It may be worth your while to interview both and make the most appropriate decision for your case.