Kansino Offering a Unique Gambling Experience in The Netherlands

​​Kansino is one of the best online casinos in the Netherlands, in what is a growing and competitive landscape for those who love to play online slots and live casino games. Where there is competition, there is always the desire and the need to push the boundaries and offer a unique experience that makes a casino platform standout from the crowd and to attract its own type of long-term customer. As far as unique online gambling experiences go, Kansino is a trustworthy, safe, casino brand that has some interesting processes and offerings to make it a popular brand that will continue to grow in the coming years. 

Focus on a no-fuss online casino 

Instead of trying to entice new customers with a plethora of bonuses to join and then again throughout play, Kanisno wants to do things in a unique way. For a different approach, they don’t offer a welcome bonus, they guarantee that players will always have the best chance of winning, no matter what type of online casino game they are playing. 

You won’t see any bonuses, or options to unlock different types of bonuses and features, such as no-deposit bonuses, or loyalty schemes. One big difference though is that instead of the bonus systems, Kansino does have a competition running every now and then. This could be to win tickets for a short break away or to win tickets to see a live sporting event. These types of competitions are never the focus though. 

This is a refreshing way of conducting online casino business, as most of the time you expect to be offered the world to become a returning member of any casino. Instead, the focus is on great gameplay, impeccable customer service, and responsible gambling ideals that create strong foundations for safe long-term gambling. At a time when the legal online gambling landscape in the Netherlands is in its infancy, Kansino’s approach deserves plaudits. 

Exceptional customer service 

One of the key components of a unique online casino platform from Kansino is that it has prioritised the promotion of exceptional customer service standards. This is a much better approach to earning the long-term trust and commitment from customers than just throwing bonuses and free hits at them at times where they might leave to go play at a competitor’s casino. As much as those things are nice to receive, most customers would prefer to continue playing at a casino they can trust, and great customer service is one of the strong building blocks of long-term relationships with customers. 

Kansino has a dedicated live chat function and customer service phone number for customers to get in touch and speak with the experts. This is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so whenever you are playing online casino, you know the support is there to help when you need it. Customer service agents are very friendly, as are the live dealers when playing the games, and this makes the player feel comfortable and at home. This all makes Kansino one of the most reliable online casino operators, with a modern-day approach to the online casino customer that is authentic and genuinely works. 

Stakelogic live tables with Kansino branding 

Live casino is where the difference can be made with the modern online casino platforms in the Netherlands, and building a relationship with Stakelogic has certainly placed Kansino in an envious position that should help it stand out from the crowd. The Kansino tie in with Stakelogic has brought the network of live Stakelogic table games to the Kansino customers, alongside a range of Kansino branded tables within the live dealer studio. This is the highest quality of live dealer casino games around, pushing the standards higher, which is what this online casino platform is all about. Providing tables with Dutch-language dealers is a great angle to take, and there are a few roulette tables from 0.20 Euro a play, and blackjack tables from 5 Euro. As far as the Stakelogic suite of tables that are branded and in Dutch, this is a way to excite and entertain the relatively new Dutch online casino audience. 

Focus on responsible gambling 

Legal online gambling was only brought in during 2021 in the Netherlands, and it dramatically changed the landscape for gambling and those who want to play casino online. Of course, this brings with it some worry about an increase in gambling problems and those suffering with gambling addiction. Kansino has focused on providing a safe platform for those who want to play for fun, and the aforementioned lack of bonuses and features that are designed to wow and entice new and cold customers alike, is certainly a good way to help create a safe platform. The clear focus is on safe play, with safe limits. There are age limits imposed so that players under the age of 23 can only play for a certain number of hours per day, with strict loss limits in place, and registration is linked to the CRUKS register. Live dealers and customer service agents are trained to look out for the signs of problematic gambling patterns and to offer support where necessary. 

Calm atmosphere and design 

The Kansino website is smooth with a bright blue, white and orange colour scheme that makes it stand out as a Dutch online casino for a Dutch audience, without going over the top. The ambience is calm and collected, with a clear design and feel for the live tables, with personable live dealers that do chat with the players as the game progresses. This makes for a social environment without being too fussy or busy, which is the balance that most online casino players want when first trying out a new branded casino. 

High RTP slot games 

There is a wide variety of games on offer at Kansino, from online slots and tables to live dealer games. When it comes to the slots, there are clear categories that make them easy to search through and find your favourites from past play time. One of the good things that Kansino does with its online slots games is that where there is variable RTP on a slot, they will always offer the highest paying version. This is one of the ways that they guarantee that you always have the best chance of winning as a loyal Kansino customer. 

Clear and reliable payouts 

Withdrawing winnings from Kansino takes as little as 5 minutes, but in most cases, it is even faster than that. Kansino was the first online casino in the Netherlands to offer instant payments and it is a reliable platform in this respect, as the fastest to make payment of all the Dutch online casinos. Winnings are paid out fast and with no hoops to jump through. 

All in all, Kansino is a reliable, fun, engaging, and no-fuss online casino, providing players with the best live dealers, Dutch-language tables, and the highest quality of play the focus. It is also focused on responsible gambling, offering the best chance for players to win rather than bonuses and other flashy offers.