Apollo Art Auctions

Based in central London, Apollo Art Auctions was founded in 2010 by Dr Ivan Bonchev. The auction house specialises in the sale of a wide range of art and collectibles, including Asian, Islamic and Ancient art, as well as Medieval and Ancient coins.

Apollo Art Auctions regularly offers new sales catalogues to a large global audience of collectors. Each and every piece that comes up for auction undergoes stringent vetting from a panel of consultants and experts before being professionally photographed and catalogued.

Boasting a strong database of 20,000+ clients from over 70 countries, Apollo Art Auctions is a recognised leader in the field of pre-16th century art and antiquities. It provides free advice and valuations, as well as presenting a smooth and easy experience for buyers and sellers alike.

Led by a team of dedicated professionals with a wealth of knowledge of the world of modern creativity, Apollo Art Auction’s Contemporary Art Department is committed to curating exceptional contemporary artworks, positioning the auction house as a leading destination for enthusiasts and collectors. Fostering a connection between collectors and artists, the firm’s dedicated Contemporary Art team assists buyers and sellers at every step, from appreciating the nuances of individual works of art to helping collectors build a collection that resonates with their personal taste.

Apollo Art Auctions is a market leader in Ancient Art and Antiquities, and several times a year the auction house’s dedicated team offers some of the finest examples for sale, including Roman bronzes, Greek pottery, Classical and Egyptian sculpture, and Medieval and Viking gemstones, jewellery and artefacts. Apollo’s Antiquities Department benefits from a combined 60 years of experience, engaging with institutions, galleries and collectors from all over the world.

Apollo Art Auctions offers a range of different services to assist clients with the authentication, valuation and restoration of both single antiquities and whole collections. At Apollo, the large majority of Chinese terracotta offered at auction undergoes thermoluminescence testing as standard, with this scientific method accurately calculating the item’s age to assist with authentication and valuation. Apollo Art Auctions also relies on X-ray fluorescence testing with the large majority of its gold jewellery, Chinese bronze pieces and rare weaponry, professionally vetting auction items so buyers can bid with confidence. Meanwhile, the auction house relies on radiocarbon dating for particularly rare artefacts in its auctions and also offers the service to collectors by request.

Apollo Art Auctions stands as a formidable force in the art world, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. Dr. Ivan Bonchev’s vision, founded in 2010, has blossomed into a global phenomenon, with a client base spanning 70 countries. The meticulous curation process, from rigorous vetting to professional cataloging and photography, ensures the highest quality for every piece auctioned.

Apollo’s commitment to diverse art genres, from pre-16th century antiquities to contemporary masterpieces, reflects a dynamic understanding of the evolving art landscape. The Contemporary Art Department, led by a knowledgeable team, fosters a unique connection between artists and collectors, making Apollo a premier destination for enthusiasts.

With a stronghold in Ancient Art and Antiquities, Apollo’s expertise extends beyond auctions. Their range of services, from authentication to restoration, showcases a dedication to preserving art’s integrity. The integration of scientific methods like thermoluminescence testing and radiocarbon dating underscores their commitment to transparency and buyer confidence. Apollo Art Auctions not only auctions art; it safeguards its history, ensuring a legacy that transcends time and borders.