How Animated Videos Help You Tell Your Brand’s Story

In the landscape of video marketing, animated videos have emerged as a powerful tool for brands to convey their stories in a captivating and memorable manner. Unrestricted by the bounds of reality like live-action videos, animation offers a unique blend of creativity, flexibility, and engagement, allowing brands to craft narratives that resonate deeply with their target audience. Here’s how animated videos can elevate your brand’s storytelling.

Simplifying Complex Ideas

Animated videos have the innate ability to distil complex ideas into digestible and relatable content. Brands can use animation to explain technical products, services, or concepts in a way that’s easy for the audience to understand.

For example, if you want to use a video to explain how your electronic product uses brand-new microchip technology, an animated video that simplifies the inner workings of the product into easy-to-recognise parts can help you explain the benefits of this new tech.

Unleashing Creativity

Animation breaks the boundaries of reality, offering brands an unlimited canvas to bring their vision to life. Whether it’s a whimsical world, abstract concepts, or intricate data visualisations, animation can depict scenarios that are challenging or impossible to capture with live-action videos.

This is particularly beneficial for organisations that offer a product or service that is hard to explain or at first glance isn’t very entertaining. For instance, Crazy Egg, a website analytics tool, used animation to explain its product features in a fun and engaging manner. Through simple animations, viewers learn about the heat map tool, visitor clicks, and scrolling patterns, all guided by a quirky and memorable character with a giant moustache.

Evoking Emotion

Animation can stir emotions, making the brand message more impactful. The use of colours, characters, and music in animation can evoke feelings of happiness, nostalgia, excitement, or even sadness.

Think about the characters and stories from adverts that have resonated with you; there’s a strong likelihood that many of them were animated. You might remember John Lewis’s The Bear and the Hare Christmas advert – an emotional animated story that still resonates and is memorable a decade after its original release!

Versatility Across Platforms

Animated videos are versatile and can be tailored for various platforms, from TV commercials to social media snippets.

Social Media: Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter thrive on short, snappy content that captures attention within seconds. Animated videos can be tailored to fit these brief formats, whether it’s a quick explainer clip, a teaser for a larger campaign, or a fun, looped animation. Their visually appealing nature ensures they stand out in a crowded feed, garnering more views, shares, and engagement.

Websites and Landing Pages: Animated videos can serve as powerful tools to explain a product, service, or concept on a brand’s website. They can break down complex ideas into digestible bits, guiding the visitor through the brand’s offerings and potentially increasing conversion rates.

YouTube and Long-Form Platforms: While platforms like YouTube allow for longer content, keeping viewers engaged is a challenge. Animated videos, with their dynamic visuals and narratives, can sustain interest, making them ideal for in-depth explainers, tutorials, or storytelling.

Email Campaigns: With email open rates being a crucial metric for marketers, embedding short animated videos or GIFs can pique the recipient’s interest, leading to higher engagement and click-through rates for your email campaigns.


In conclusion, animated videos offer brands a dynamic medium to convey their stories, simplify complex ideas, and connect emotionally with their audience. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, brands looking to make a lasting impression should consider integrating animated videos into their marketing strategy. And for those seeking expertise in this domain, Perspective Pictures, an East London-based video production agency, is ready to bring your animated visions to life. Whether you’re looking to create short social media videos or longer branded content, Perspective Pictures can help turn your vision into a reality.