Slibstream launches ultra cool free Instagram photo frame collection

March 2018 – Slibstream launches over 60 free Instagram digital photo frames that are readily available to play in web browsers. Users need an account containing photographs to play the Instagram frames. However, users don’t even need a Slibstream account to play the free frames (if they don’t want to customise their photo frame). The free Instagram frame gallery is accessible here which contains the play links to the individual digital Instagram frames.

How it works – A Instagram users photos are pulled into an Instagram photo frame once the user has accessed a frame link in their browser, clicked sign into Instagram and securely authenticated via OAuth with Instagram. One the users Instagram identify is confirmed, the user is automatically redirected back to their photo frame and their Instagram photos start to live stream and play in their selected frame inside their web browser. Frames can be shared and accessed by any number of Instagram users, but one of the unique characteristics of Slibstream is – only Instagram user A can see Instagram user A photographs in a frame. Slibstream is a personal photo viewing experience.

Instagram is the largest photograph social network in the World. We’re sure Instagram users will enjoy using Slibstream to frame and print their Instagram photos. ” – Ben Llewellyn, CEO Slibstream

Slibstream has taken the digital photo frame industry by storm. Its smart web app no longer requires photo framers to buy hardware to frame their Insta pics, instead frames them in web browsers eliminating the need for dedicated framing technology. The lightweight web app works on phones, tablets, pcs and laptops and best of all its X-OS compatible – it works on Apple, Android, Windows and other OS devices. Users don’t need to download or install anything to enjoy Slibstream, photo frames launch in web browsers and there is also a fullscreen mode to launch a 100% screen height and width viewing experience. The colour changing rainbow Instagram frame is accessible here to try (part of the free frame collection):

The free digital photo frame collection consists of cool frames, duo colour frames, colour changing frames and even blank frames. The collection of free Instagram frames is accessible by clicking the first link in this press release (above).

Slibstream is an online company that empowers the Instagram audience to frame and print their own Instagram photographs using its powerful web app. The company launched in January 2018 and is based in London, England.