Black Banx CEOs mission in a competitive market

Black Banx

“To provide a global financial platform, allowing instant access to everyone, where money can flow in real-time.”

This is the visionary mission statement of German billionaire Michael Gastauer for his brainchild, Black Banx which currently makes waves in the current competitive financial market. Black Banx, with its mission rooted in creating a borderless financial ecosystem, champions unrestricted money flow globally.

Black Banx CEO’s mission revolves around empowering people and businesses by making financial services easily accessible. His dedication to fintech innovation is a driving force, with the goal of enabling quick, equitable transactions anywhere in the world.

It can be recalled that in 2013, Gastauer set out on a revolutionary journey to completely transform the financial sector. He saw the inadequacies in conventional banking systems and envisioned an international digital banking solution.

After assembling a group of seasoned computer experts, Gastauer presented his idea for a powerful online platform that would enable businesses and individuals worldwide to create accounts instantly and transfer money in real time between various fiat and cryptocurrency options.

This was the beginning of Black Banx, which was first introduced as WB21. In less than ten years, the business grew to become a network of financial institutions serving an astounding 28 million customers in 180 countries by June 2023.

The goal of the Black Banx platform is to link individuals and businesses through web interfaces and cellphones in a seamless manner, hence promoting worldwide market growth. It aims to provide each user, regardless of nationality, place of residence, or financial situation, with a tailored, global experience.

Gastauer’s steadfast dedication and well-timed investments drove Black Banx’s explosive rise. He provided substantial financial support for his digital banking endeavour in 2014, contributing over US$380 million through his Family Office from that year until 2018.

The platform’s growth was spurred by the inflow of funds, and by the end of 2018, Black Banx had achieved an astounding valuation of US$9.8 billion, solidifying its status as one of Europe’s most valuable fintech companies.

Black Banx, which stands out for its customer-centric strategy, aims to remove obstacles to financial access. It aims to streamline digital banking while drastically cutting transaction times, and it defies limitations imposed by residency, country, or belief system.

Gastauer’s combination of business expertise and visionary leadership cemented his position as a key player in the fintech sector and highlighted his significant impact on Black Banx’s development and achievements.

Because of its inclusiveness, the platform can reach underbanked areas and developed economies where access to the financial system is still restricted by legal constraints.

Black Banx serves a wide range of customers and has a significant global presence in regions including Asia, Latin America, North America, the Middle East, and Europe. The platform’s global network accounts for about 90% of global trade, GDP, and capital flow. 

With an eye on growing its market share in North America, Black Banx positions Gastauer to buy a federal bank in California and increase its footprint there. By employing a progressive strategy, Black Banx set up offices in vital places such as Singapore, Brazil, India, and the United Arab Emirates and actively promoted growth in critical markets including South Africa, China, Japan, and Russia.

Black Banx gives its clients access to worldwide banking networks through a wide range of business and personal accounts, facilitating easy local and international transactions. 

With accounts that support two cryptocurrencies (BTC, and ETH) in addition to 28 fiat currencies, the platform is an inclusive platform for individuals and companies. Black Banx makes smooth international transactions possible by enabling swift payments across a variety of currencies and platforms.

Moreover, consumers are empowered with flexible spending options through its range of multi-currency debit card options, which include plastic, metal, and virtual variations.

Real-time cryptocurrency trading and currency exchange services complement the platform’s dynamic features, and its user-centric design is further enhanced by unlimited payouts to third parties and easy cryptocurrency withdrawals to external wallets.

In addition, Black Banx provides interest-bearing savings accounts in a number of major currencies as well as customised services like batch upload and API integration that are intended to make large payments easier for its premium business clients.

Between the business and consumers, Black Banx ultimately seeks to build harmonic value exchanges that enable frictionless experiences and maximise value for all parties involved.

With its extensive global reach, Black Banx redefines financial accessibility and closes gaps across many economies. It serves established markets and gives the underbanked more influence. Through its strong mission statement, Black Banx and Gastauer continue to democratise financial access globally while also improving communities and individual financial experiences.