Clearing the Smoke: A Beginner’s Buying Guide for the Best Glass Bongs

What are glass bongs and other innovative smoking devices

Traditionally, people used to smoke using a rolled-up cigarette; even though people enjoyed the process of smoking through a paper roll, eventually, it became a routine. In order for people to get out of a routine, they started to look for different methods of smoking different types of herbs and cannabis. 

In order to satisfy their needs, people started to use bongs as a way of filling their smoking needs. A bong is considered to be one of the most commonly used smoking devices available nowadays, and due to the device becoming a trend, companies started to introduce new product lines as a means of satisfying their customer target market. So, companies introduced many different types of bongs – such as glass bongs, ceramic bongs, plastic bongs, etc. Even though there are numerous types of bongs available, people usually tend to purchase glass bongs since it provides them with more efficiency during the overall smoking experience. 

On the other hand, companies that provide smoking devices started to introduce innovation in their product lines by introducing electric versions of already existing smoking devices. For instance, as a substitute for a roll of cigarette, smokers can now use devices like the premium Delta 9 THC disposable vapes to satisfy their smoking needs. This type of smoking device is operated by a small heater that is inserted in the compact vape, and by using these devices, smokers have provided positive feedback to production companies.

So, if you are a beginner in smoking, be sure to research and understand all of the available options that you have to satisfy your smoking needs before committing to a certain type of product. 

Advantages of using a glass bong compared to other types 

To be able to make the decision on which type of smoking device fits the best per your preferences, it is important to do a cost-benefit analysis on each type compared to other smoking devices. 

If you decide to use a bong to satisfy your smoking needs – more specifically, a glass bong, you will have numerous benefits. Some of the benefits might overlap with other smoking devices and methods; however, finding a smoking device that provides all of the advantages of a bong may be difficult. 

First and foremost, when using a glass bong, smokers have the opportunity to enjoy better and cooler hits due to the dab rigs that are considered to be a crucial component of a bong. A dab rig is used to filter the smoke, allowing the smoker to get a more filtered hit. On the other hand, filtration allows people to get a better taste of the herb they are smoking. 

Additionally, by using a bong, the negative aspects associated with smoking are reduced as the device is considered a more safer compared to other smoking devices. 

Finally, by using a bong, people have the opportunity to clean the device, allowing them to have a more hygienic smoking experience. 

The different components of a bong

Even though most smoking devices are considered to be similar to one another, a bong has many differentiating factors to it. 

A bong – compared to other smoking devices – is considered to be a larger device that people can not travel with them. However, bongs come in different sizes, so users have the opportunity to choose which size is the most convenient for them. The differences in size do not degrade the smoking quality that people will get; however, they will have an effect on how long a smoking hit lasts. 

So, a bong is compromised out of a chamber, which is where the water is stored in order to cool off the smoke, a dab rig, a bowl – where people store the cannabis they wish to smoke, and the mouthpiece. 

Even though some other components may be added to bongs, those mentioned above are crucial parts that need to be available for a bong to operate effectively/ 

Different types of bongs available in the market

As bongs became a trend in the smoking community, bong producers introduced new types of bongs in the market to increase the options available for people to choose from. 

So, nowadays, people are able to find bongs made with different materials, sizes, and types.

Why maintenance is important when using bongs

Finally, when using a bong, it is important to constantly clean the bong in order to remove all of the residue that gets stuck on the inside of the bong. This step is important to ensure that you are not inhaling toxins which can be bad for your health. 

Hence, to decrease the negative effects of smoke inhalation, be sure to clean your bong after every use. 


To conclude, out of all types of bongs, a glass bongs is considered to be the most beneficial type of bong as it provides a smoother and cooler hit, has numerous features, and is the most easy one to clean out of all other types of bongs.