Unveiled at Houses of Parliament: A New Era for AI in Education

At the AI Advancement Forum, held in the historic House of Lords, London, Patrick Degg from the University of Surrey declared, ‘AI can, and inescapably will, change the educational landscape.’ This statement set the tone for a gathering of world leaders in education, culminating in the introduction of, a state-of-the-art EdTech platform.’s CEO, Joey Lin, proclaimed, “Last December, students got ChatGPT; this December, teachers get”.

Lin likened the impact of generative AI on education to the shift from equine to automotive transportation, noting the technology’s implementation in various universities.

Surrey’s President and Vice Chancellor Max Lu, highlighting 2023 as a landmark year for AI in education, posed questions about elevating assessment and learning methods, pointing to as an example. The forum was attended by a diverse group of influential figures from academia and the public and private sectors, representing various universities and embassies.

Joey Lin formally introduced, an AI-based educational assessment tool offering high accuracy and efficiency. Professor Yu Xiong, Associate Vice President at Surrey and KEATH’s Managing Director, described KEATH as a valuable digital assistant for educators.

BBC’s Jon Howard speculated about the evolution of education, focusing on the integration of adaptive technologies and the role of automatic grading.

Dr. Trevor Lee, a noted UK education consultant, praised for its user-friendliness and potential to ease teachers’ marking burdens.

Lord Taylor of Warwick spoke about the potential of AI to bridge educational divides and stressed the need for AI democratisation in education.

De Montfort University’s Katie Normington and Michael Luck from the University of Sussex discussed the need to embrace AI advancements in education and the importance of ethical AI governance.

The AI Advancement Forum concluded with being recognised as a key player in reshaping the educational sector.

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