10 Different Forklift Types and Their Uses

Forklifts are noted as most promising and powerful vehicles for the building community. Whenever you feel the need of moving heavy loads in construction or warehouse field, forklifts can actually lift objects safely which humans cannot. So, they are looking to be more indispensable on any possible job site. Now, the market houses so many wide selections of models and styles to go with. So, it can be difficult to select one forklift among the lot. But, listed below are the 10 different ones that you can work on.

  1.     Warehouse forklift:

This is one of the most recognizable one in the market and it will resemble one yellow golf cart with twin forks, which will extent from the front. You can use this forklift anywhere with large number of items located in the inventory. These trucks are perfect for loading and unloading balanced materials and pallets.

  1.     Side loader:

It is one major subtype of warehouse forklift, which is available in steel service centers and will manufacture facilities with bulky and heavy items. The operators must stand in sideways compartment and the side loader will unload objects on the side. Because of this, the side load forklifts can drive up alongside racks.

  1.     Counterbalance forklift:

Noted for its back mounted weight, this particular forklift can help in balancing loads better than anyone else. This form of forklift is vital that features forks in the front and weight in back of vehicle. It is great for situations where the operator must turn and maneuver in circles.

  1.     Telehandler:

Telescopic or reach forklift, this telehandler has extendable and boom arm, which is a perfect combination of forklift and crane. The twin forks will remain attached to the arm and used for moving pallets from the ground. A standard telehandler can lift around 5500lbs of materials from around 19ft up in the air. Such trucks are amazing for reaching tight spaces and some odd angles.

  1.     Industrial forklift:

Also known as large capacity forklift, it is a perfect combination of warehouse forklift functions and telehandler. Even though it can’t reach the difficult angles like a telehandler, but it can lift payloads higher off ground than warehouse forklift and heavier loads. You can get forklift parts online, but only after checking out the models you are using. The utility of such a forklift is narrow in scope when compared to warehouse forklift or telehandler.

  1.     Rough Terrain Forklift:

This forklift is mainly designed for outdoor job sites and on uneven surfaces. These trucks are noted to have sturdy pneumatic tires, which will help to navigate the rocky ground. There are oversized special tires and threaded ones, which will offer better stability and balance to transport materials safely. These terrain forklifts are perfect for construction sites and outdoor applications.

  1.     Pallet Jack:

Known for their compact size and manual power, these pallet jacks are noted to have smaller footprint, which in turn, will help them to fit into the tightest spots and lift up small loads even in tighter quarters. Even though you might be sacrificing maneuverability and power, the renting and acquisition costs are towards the lower sides.

  1.     Walkie Stacker:

These stackers might be a bit strange in their appearance, but they walk behind stacker and steers it by using attached handle. Like any other pallet jack, these units will lack speed, maneuverability and power. They are perfect for situations where you might need tall pallet jack. The walkie stacker will reach higher off than the counterparts.

  1.     Reach Fork Truck:

It is one warehouse truck, mainly used for the indoor works. The main ability is to extend forks beyond the compartment and reach into racks of the warehouse in way that standard forklifts cannot work. It will have one open compartment to allow operators have greater visibility. It is perfect for indoor use and will reach trucks, which are not suitable for any outdoor work.

  1. Order Picker:

This particular forklift is mainly used for picking up and delivering materials from storage. The heights can be around 32 feet and these machines are designed for lifting up operators  to warehouse racks and then also to carry individual units.

Check out these top 10 types of the forklifts and then you can make way for the best one. The choice is yours and depends on your usability of the machine.