Guide to HomeLight & Ideal Agent

Imagine utilizing a top real estate agent to buy or sell a home who can ease the agony and trouble of real estate transactions while also helping you save time and money. With HomeLight, you may benefit from various user-friendly features that can make buying or selling a home a breeze and get paired with a data-backed top-performing realtor in minutes.

What is HomeLight?

HomeLight is essentially a platform for matching agents. It develops specialized instructions and tools for selling a house in every situation by working with thousands of successful sellers, top real estate agents, and brokers.

Automating the agent matching procedure makes it more efficient and introduces some quality issues. HomeLight does not provide any commission savings for house sellers or buyers.

Why choose HomeLight?

You can choose HomeLight due to the following reasons:

  • It makes it easier for buyers and sellers to find a nearby real estate agent.
  • Based on information from more than 300 transactions and more than 100 sources worldwide, their algorithm evaluates real estate brokers.
  • Ideal for buyers to work with more experienced agents in smaller towns and rural locations.

How does HomeLight work?

The HomeLight procedure is as follows:

  • HomeLight guides you via a simple questionnaire to learn more about your circumstances.
  • The subsequent stage requires a short time while HomeLight compiles information on real estate brokers nationwide. The algorithm used by HomeLight will identify the best local real estate, agent.
  • Reviewing the agent matches that HomeLight discovered is the next step. They will provide up to three agent matches.
  • One of HomeLight’s concierges will send you an email asking you to schedule a phone conversation to go through your matches and ask any questions you may have.
  • When you’ve decided who you want to work with, HomeLight will provide you with the Agent’s entire performance profile and assist you in setting up a face-to-face interview.
  • It’s time to choose who you want to work with after your in-person interviews.
  • You can proceed and start the process of looking for a new house or listing your current one for sale.

Pros of HomeLight

  • Simple application as it just takes a few minutes to complete the application and is uncomplicated.
  • Utilization is free with HomeLight.
  • HomeLight’s Simple Sale option lets you view potential buyers for your house quickly and without fuss. HomeLight will handle the legwork.
  • HomeLight’s agent suggestions are entirely unbiased.

Cons of HomeLight

  • While quick, the automated agent matching procedure is deficient in information.
  • HomeLight doesn’t always enhance a real estate agent’s credibility.
  • Neither buyers nor sellers of homes can benefit financially from using HomeLight. You will pay the typical 5 to 6% realtor commission when using HomeLight.

HomeLight Reviews

HomeLight Reviews claim that they significantly simplify the home selling process by enabling you to conduct extensive research and thoroughly screen agents before even setting up your initial consultation.

Who is the Ideal Agent?

With the free service Ideal Agent, home sellers can locate inexpensive real estate agents. The ideal agent bargains fees upfront so that sellers can get better deals. Excellent agents who rank in the top 1% of local markets for sales contribution are used by one of the leading firms for matching agents and clients, according to Ideal Agent.

How does Ideal Agent work?

The Ideal Agent procedure is as follows:

  • On, fill out a registration form and input details regarding your sale, such as the kind of property, the anticipated selling price, and the deadline.
  • A concierge from Ideal Agent will contact you, pair you up with a competent agent, and ask about that Agent’s local expertise.
  • Ideal Agent will provide your contact information to your matched listing agent, who will get in touch with you by phone or email to go through your real estate needs.
  • You have the option to accept or reject this Agent’s listing proposal.
  • Once you sign with the Agent, a representative from Ideal Agent will phone you to check how things are going.

Who will gain from using the Ideal Agent?

An ideal Agent is the best choice if you want to sell your house and live in a big city. As a result of Ideal Agent’s thorough agent screening process, you can team up with business success.

Although Ideal Agent employs far fewer of them than its competitors, online assessments of its partner agents show that they are skilled. As a result, finding a top local realtor to partner with is more challenging.

It is always recommended that you compare what the competition offers, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. Other matching systems have thousands more agents than Ideal Agent while maintaining high criteria.

Pros of the Ideal Agent

  • You can save money with integrated savings.
  • Ideal Agent matches you with a qualified agent.
  • The Ideal Agent executives are incredibly knowledgeable.

Cons of the Ideal Agent

  • Limited benefits or aid for homebuyers
  • Fewer agents result in less precise matches.
  • Only one Agent is matched with you.
  • The majority of conversations take place on the phone.

Ideal Agent Reviews

Ideal Agent is a trustworthy company. They can connect you with a real estate agent who will sell your home for a 2% commission. They’ll put you in touch with a local agent who can help you sell your house.

According to Ideal Agent Reviews, they employ competent agents. A flawless user experience and a kind and helpful concierge


Consider comparing Ideal Agent to another agent matching service if you want to try it. You’ll then have a select group of qualified agents to review and speak with. A reputable service, real estate agents, buyers, and sellers of homes are matched through Ideal Agent.

Due to its modest agent network and average savings, it isn’t the most aggressive agent matching service. Alternatives to Ideal Agents are Redfin, Clever, and UpNest.

You can check out Upnest Reviews and Redfin Reviews if you’re eager to learn more.

They will pair you up with a real estate agent; however, some charge higher listing costs. Do your research before deciding.