A Simple Solution To Hydraulically Spreading Flange Joints

While looking for the best and reliable Hydraulic Flange Spreader joints, check whether there is enough gap in the wedge or not. Then there are various joints available online. But the best ones are those which help you in the actual application.  

Below mentioned are some points that help you choose the best flange spreader joints used in the pipeline construction business. 

Suitability of the flanges sets or joints.

Some parts in the hydraulically spreading flange joints are best for overhaul, testing, or valve. Whereas, some are best for simply maintaining the hydraulic or piping system. 

Therefore, you need to select those joints which are offering the proper needs for your construction project. 

You can go for the set, which is offering an expanded range of applications. This will include all the applications mentioned above. 

If you get such a set of hydraulic flange spreader joints, it will be a cost-effective deal too. 

The design should be robust to hold the grip.

Check the design of each flange joint you want to buy. Any part you choose should give a better grip and complete design to fit the other part of the same system. 

There must be a guarantee of no first bending or slipping out the hand or system. If the supplier is offering you the same, it’s a fair deal to crack. 

However, you must also not blindly go for the product by its name. If possible, check its online design completely. Or else, you can personally ask the supplier to give you a sample product before ordering the same in bulk.

Check the length and design of the spreader arm.

The spreader arm is the central part while buying any hydraulic spreader flange joint part or the entire package. 

You must not miss out on the information available about the spread design and its steps. Check whether each step on the spreader is equal and can take the load equally. 

The design should be symmetric and fit for the construction project you want to complete. 

Check the gap or the access.

Some FSM or FSB comes with different gaps. They can be 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, or more. 

It depends upon the construction project you need them for. 

While ordering any flange spreader part or package, check their description properly. The information about the gap must be given there. Or, directly ask the supplier if you are in touch with such a person. 

In short, checking the gap in advance frees you from the trouble of buying the wrong hydraulic flange spreader package. 

Check the spreading force of the spreader.

The spreader must give you the spreading force as your project demands it to be. A smaller pipeline construction project works okay with an 8-ton capacity. 

As you move ahead on the construction project ladder, you will need a better spreader. 

It can then have 14, 16, or more tonnes of the capacity. To be clear about the same, talk to the project manager handling the technical details of these items. This way, you will not end up ordering a product with a lower or higher capacity. 

Check the items available in the entire tool kit.

If you are getting an entire hydraulic spreader flange joints tool kit, go for it. But check the:

  • Price
  • Capacity
  • Tools available inside
  • The weight
  • And its application

Some toolkits might have only 3-4 pieces, while others have more than that. 

An example of a smaller tool kit – it will have:

  • One steel case, 
  • 1 hydraulic flange spreader with coupler, 
  • one safety block, 
  • and some other stepped blocks. 

A bigger tool kit will have more spreaders, more safety blocks, even a hand pump with couplers, hydraulic hose with couplers, and more.

Get approval from your dedicated project manager to buy the desired tool kit for optimizing the cost and application. 

The wedge movement must not damage the flange.

Look for the surety in the package you buy that the smoothly moving wedge won’t damage the flange spreader. 

This way, the spreader arm won’t meet any failure while using it to complete all your construction projects.

Also, if there is any guarantee from the supplier, you won’t be spending extra on maintaining the spreader arm. In brief, a simple guarantee can save you face and from buying products with no functionality for the long term.