The Online Gaming Guide to Laws in Poland

Poland is among the few countries that have stringent gambling measures. Even though many countries are lifting some of their strict policies to make the gambling environment friendly amidst the pandemic, Poland isn’t relenting.

It keeps enacting further amendments to the already existing gambling policies. That makes it rank among the countries that do not promote a friendly gambling environment for the players.

Other countries understand that gambling is their economic backbone and they have put forth all the needed enablers for it to thrive. Globally, gambling tops the list of industries that contribute a good percentage of the total revenue.

Even though gambling is not banned in Poland, there are gambling laws that regulate it. Read on to find out from our expert Klara Czerwinska (view profile) elaboration.

Were there gambling laws from the beginning in Poland?

After introducing gambling in Poland in 1930, many establishments began coming up, with the first one being in Soton. The truth is that there were no rules then, and the operators were enjoying the freedom.

However, that did not go beyond the 1960s when the Polish government began to develop an interest in the gambling industry. Land-based casinos became subject to government regulations.

Even though there are certain exceptions to the gambling laws, the government has set other dire consequences for the violators. Despite being tough, especially on the operators, the laws have helped streamline significant operations of the industry.

Forces such as political scandals championed the enactment of other stricter laws on gambling activities. That also saw the casinos come up with different rules, such as the outfit for the gamers.

Are there legal online casinos in Poland?

Considering the move by other countries to lift their strict policies regarding gambling, you may want to know if Poland also followed suit. The reality is that gambling has remained a grey area in Poland for a long time.

That has also seen a downward trend in those investing in the Polish gambling market. The only legal activity is Sports betting. But the government has also made amendments that have seen the integration of video slots in the online casinos possible.

But such changes didn’t impact the legalization of online casinos. The Polish online gambling sector has been under a monopoly. The only Polish online casino operating currently is Totalizator Sportowy.

Luckily, the offshore casinos haven’t been affected, considering that their servers aren’t in Poland. They have been offering amazing types of bonuses such as no deposit bonus to the Polish players. Learning kasyno bez depozytu will allow you to utilize such promotions on casinos that target Poles.

What do the Polish Gambling Laws aim at?

To regulate licensing of the casinos

Licensing is a vital issue that must be under government watch. That’s why acts relating to it have been put in place. They specify the requirements that every casino operator must meet to qualify for the operating license. They also ensure that every polish casino has an active license.

To control the gambling tax

We all know by now that gambling plays a significant role in every country’s economy. That’s a similar case with the Polish casinos. The Polish government gets its revenue through the tax it imposes on the land-based and online casinos in the land.

That has seen the government undertake most of its projects with much ease. To make its revenue collection process successful, it has to use the gambling acts to help regulate the revenue collection in the casino sector.

To provide for specific types of gambling and betting

In the earlier years before the gambling laws became effective, the operators had the free will of providing the gamers with the betting and gambling services they needed. The gambling arena was confusing. It was not easier to know who was offering the gambling services and those offering sports betting services.

But that changed with the emergence of the gambling laws. Currently, the industry has got the specifics of what the players need, and that has helped many players, including the newbies.

Gambling laws to date remain strict in Poland. Even though it has created limitations for some players, the policies have also helped streamline the sector and led to the creation of safe casino apps. Probably there will be positive moves by the Polish government regarding gambling in the coming years.