Sahel Majali Sustainable Development Expert

Sahel Majali is a construction industry expert and the founder of the Mid Group. Throughout the career of Sahel Majali sustainable development has always been a high priority, and the number of awards and accreditations won by the Mid Group since the company was founded in 2014 stand testament to this commitment. These awards include the ‘Sustainability’ award at the SECBE Awards 2020. It can also be seen in the number of sustainable development projects the Mid Group has been involved with, ranging from building affordable housing to the design of London’s first timber office building since 1666.

The innovative new timber office project from the Mid Group began construction in 2020 and is scheduled for completion in 2022. The project is set to be built to the highest modern sustainability standards, with timber rather than concrete used for the majority of construction above ground. Once completed, this highly sustainable building in the heart of London will provide shared working space for multiple tech companies.

In mid-2019, the Mid Group was awarded a contract for the construction of 152 new domestic dwellings in Bristol. This will include 40 individual homes designed to be rented affordably and a further 112 homes for shared ownership, all of which will be a mixture of one to three bedroomed residences. The complex is also planned to contain underground parking, three commercial units, and extensive landscaped open spaces for the enjoyment of residents. The project is being constructed in partnership with Clarion Housing Group, which reinvests profits to build more affordable homes, support local people, and maintain and improve existing residences to generate thriving local communities.

For many years, AquAid has been working to help provide people in some of the poorest and most underserved areas of the world with access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation. AquAid founded the Africa Trust in 2010, designed to deliver sustainable solutions to poverty with a focus on the provision of education, employment, sanitation and drinking water.

AquAid is also one of Christian Aid’s biggest corporate supporters. The Mid Group is committed to partnering with AquAid for the provision of all water coolers for its international construction sites and offices. For each water cooler purchased, £50 is donated to Christian Aid. The first elephant pump for clean water provision as funded by the Mid Group through AquAid completed construction in June 2019. More than 14,000 people in Malawi and Ethiopia have been provided with access to clean drinking water through the work of AquAid.

One of the passions of Sahel Majali is sustainable development and this can be seen throughout his professional work. Majali has blogged on the importance of recycling plastic waste and has followed principles of sustainability in building across multiple projects during his career.