The Many Benefits That Come With Owning a Savage 308

While it’s not as well known as it should be, bolt action rifles like the Savage 308 have been used for almost 200 years. So, the fact that they’re still popular tells you a lot about their effectiveness and their general appeal to the American gun-buying public.

The subject of rifle action is a hotly debated one, with clear pros and cons being offered for all kinds from pump to lever action. As such it’s important to know what each type of weapon offers to hunters. That’s what look at more closely here today. 


The Savage 308 and other bolt-action rifles are well-respected for their dependability – which is essentially the primary advantage provided by this kind of weapon when compared to semi-automatic options. It’s perhaps the simplicity of the design that has allowed them to remain so relevant. 

The basic design of rifles like these means that there’s less to go wrong, meaning it will fire accurately and dependably in a variety of different conditions. 

Basic & Easy to Shoot 

Another of the major benefits offered by bolt-action rifles is how easier they are to fire. As such, it’s simple for novices to grasp how they work. You certainly don’t need to be a seasoned shooter to use one – not something you can always say about semi-automatic rifles. 

Having much less in the way of moving parts also results in less weight – which can make a big difference to inexperienced users. This also makes them easier to carry and achieve a good firing position. 

Super Accurate 

American shooters also love the Savage 308 because of the tight accuracy that it offers. Whether that makes it more or less accurate than a semi-auto is an argument for another day, but if you were to take a consensus among experienced shooters, we think they’d concur that bolt-action rifles are more accurate.

Again, this is largely due to the simplicity of the action used, resulting in less effect on the trajectory of the bullet. Throw in the fact that most bolt-action weapons feature one-piece stocks, and you have a rifle that offers more stable support than you’d get from a 2-stock design. 

Easier On the Wallet! 

With everyone’s disposable income feeling the pinch these days, the aspect of cost is most definitely a pertinent one when making your purchasing decision. There’s little doubt that bolt action weapons can be much less expensive, due to being cheaper to make. 

This makes them more accessible to hunters and their easy availability means that you can get a lot more bang for your buck, so to speak. 

The Savage 308 – The Considered Hunting Choice 

No one is trying to say that bolt action rifles like the 308 are the best weapons around, but when looking for a reliable, inexpensive, and accurate gun that’s easy enough for newbies to use, we don’t think that they can be beaten. 

You can do what you will with this information, as it’s your choice when it comes down to it, but we know what we’d go for!