Understanding Provably Fair Gaming

Bitcoin’s inception into the iGaming sector has resulted in the emergence of “provably fair” games. However, recent developments have made Bitcoin casinos one of the top crypto casinos to enjoy provably fair games. These games began appearing almost immediately after Bitcoin’s inception.

One of its main selling points is that it is completely fair. The main idea behind provably fair gaming is the ability to check if a casino is legitimate before doing business with them. Most online casinos offer honest gaming because they value their reputations.

Yet, some bad apples have set up rigged games in the past. Anyone who finds the idea of rigged gaming repulsive should be excited about provably fair websites. Find out what a provably fair system is and whether or not you need one.

Provably Fair Explained

Provably fair games allow gamblers to verify the integrity of their wagers independently, hence the name. This ensures that the outcome of each game can be independently proven and verified, making it impossible for an online casino to defraud its customers.

They function on smart contract systems and are based on publicly available algorithms. This eliminates the possibility of rigging or manipulating games on online betting sites. Computer code determines the outcome of bets placed on these smart contracts, and the casino cannot in any way change it.

Factors Used in Provably Fair

Three factors are used in “provably fair”:

  • Cryptographic nonce: This figure rises in tandem with the player’s wagers.
  • Client seed: This is a user-controllable setting that may be found in the player’s browser.
  • Server seed: The site gives you this option as a variable.

Server seed

Each game begins with the player receiving a hash of the server seed. This signifies that the server seed has reached its final form and can no longer be changed. Also encrypted is this iteration of the server seed.

This is done so that cheating by calculating the results of a game beforehand is impossible. After each round, the server seed is unhashed. The outcome of the round can then be shown for the player to see.

Client seed

Each user also receives a randomly generated client seed. Each player has their unique client seed, which is used to help ensure that each round is played fairly. They are unchangeable and uneditable in any way.

The client seed and the server seed are combined at the start of a new round. After the results have been calculated and delivered to the player, the server seed hash will be unhashed, making the results visible.


Nonce is a unit for counting wagers in a Provably fair game. The nonce is initialised at 0 on the player’s first bet and grows by 1 on each subsequent stake. The nonce is incremented by 1 at the start of each round to denote its beginning.

This technique can be used to validate Bitcoin betting sites. This method eliminates the possibility of deception. There has been widespread suspicion among the patrons for quite some time that the casino cheats on a few of the draws.

Checking each draw’s results allows you to ensure that they are genuinely random.

How is Provably Fair calculated?

When the server seed and client seed are combined, the resulting hash is checked by the nonce, which adds 1 to the result if the round was triggered correctly. Following the hashing process, the findings are encrypted so that they cannot be viewed or altered in any manner.

The outcome of the round is displayed as a string of numbers; the first five digits are used in the final tally. The hexadecimal value is converted to a human-readable decimal value (this can be done with any number of readily available calculators) and used.

Benefits of Provably Fair Games

  • Provably Fair is a reasonable replacement for older methods of verifying the integrity of game software. Companies that specialise in testing outsource this responsibility. Regular competitors typically need help to verify the firm’s lack of dependence, although it has completed all necessary testing for a game.
  • It’s also hard to prove that testing even occurred. Provably fair games allow independent verification of results by any player. It is standard procedure for websites to provide recommendations outlining the process.
  • Many players have noted that the house edge in games with Provably Fair rules is typically lower. This means that, on average, the player keeps more profits than at other casino games.
  • The time it takes for new games to appear in casinos might be cut in half if they don’t have to undergo rigorous testing by third-party organisations. A game’s random number generator and overall functionality can be verified using the Provably Fair technique.

Provably Fair drawbacks

  • Regarding drawbacks, the provably fair algorithm’s complexity may be the most significant. Hash value is one of those terms that causes major user displeasure. Most people will give up attempting to figure out how to verify if a game is legitimate.

Furthermore, many consumers are confused about the relevance of hash string verification to the casino’s integrity.

  • Provably Fair games can give a false impression that your wagers are secure. The equality of the hash values you obtain is irrefutable evidence that the casino is not manipulating the outcome. However, it does not rule out the possibility of additional scams.
  • A casino may also be vulnerable to cyberattacks. In particular, this holds for more recent crypto gaming sites, which may have been hastily assembled. There is a greater investment in the safety of customer information and financial transactions in larger casinos.


When you look at the top crypto casinos to enjoy Provably Fair games, Bitcoin casinos are one of them. They shield their consumers from common crypto scams like man-in-the-middle attacks. By eliminating the need for external verifiers, they ensure the safety of their users.

However, gamers should compare and contrast the different online casinos. This will point them toward the most trustworthy and safe solution for their specific needs.