How to decide which is the gaming website or platform for you

With so much choice for gamers, it can often be difficult to decide the best platform or website. There are three main consoles alongside a growing mobile gaming market offering many different experiences and when you throw the world of casino gaming into the mix, it’s even more difficult to make sense of which avenues are right for you, as a player. 

Let’s explore how you pick the best platform for you and how websites and developers are trying to set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive gaming market. 

Take advantage of a free trial

For many businesses within the industry, a good promotional strategy is vital: you need to make people aware of your service and entice them into getting involved. As a result of this, some websites and developers will offer a free trial or demo of their game. Gamers can therefore get a chance to experience the game in full flow, whilst developers can see what the public thinks of their gaming experience and interface, taking heed of any constructive feedback that might come their way. 

A prime example of this in the world of online casino gaming is Paddy Power, which offers a daily free spin on their Wonder Wheel. This promotion is clever as it’s a good way of showing off their website, which offers far more than just slots games, and the free game also gives customers the chance to win a series of prizes. 

Catering to the interests of their prospective players, these kinds of simple promotions can be the difference between simply ensuring the same customers return and constantly appealing to new ones. If you’re looking for something new to try but don’t want to commit too much time or money to this venture, always look out for quality promotions that allow you to essentially try before you buy. 

Who has the widest variety of games and the most unique?

When it comes to online games, having the biggest and best catalogue is another huge selling point. Whilst many casino websites will offer the same range of games, there will be a selection that offers new twists on those classics. You will see hundreds of different slot machines, all with a different theme. 

A quick search for games on your mobile device will reveal even more choices. Research suggests that around 28% of the world’s population now play games on their mobile phones. They can be playing anything from PUBG Mobile: Aftermath to the same casino classic mentioned above. Use independent online directories to scour reviews from players as they’ll discuss their honest verdicts on the range of games offered, quality of gameplay, promotions and more. This way you’re well-informed before you settle on a particular site. 

Deciding on the games console for you

Back in the 1990s, the main competition for supremacy in the games console market involved Nintendo and Sega. Most players were staunchly dedicated to either the Megadrive or SNES, and this fiercely competitive ‘us vs them’ mentality stoked many sales.  

In the present day, the console gaming market is an interesting one with numerous options. On the one hand, you have Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox, which are offering similar experiences for gamers. Their consoles are hugely powerful and place a big emphasis on graphic capabilities. 

However, things are very different if you own a Nintendo device: when they launched the Wii in 2006, they wanted to stand out from the crowd with interactive and immersive gameplay. It’s something they have also continued with the Switch console, which enables multi-player modes and kinetic play. As a result of their stylistic differences from other consoles, many of their iconic games are only exclusively available on Nintendo’s consoles. 

All the consoles available present numerous advantages and disadvantages, and their popularity with respective audiences is equally impressive. You’ll find players allegiant to their console of choice and a massive community online, regardless of which one you pick. So, ultimately, it’s about weighing up factors like which of your favourite games are available on each console and whether your gaming community is more aligned to one specific console than another. 

How do you decide?

Ultimate, you have to decide on the experience that you want. Are you someone that wants the most powerful console on the market, or do you want something to play games with others in multiplayer mode? Some people like to play games with a short burst of excitement, whilst others want the satisfaction of a long narrative with an emphasis on intricate storytelling. 

With the plethora of gaming options constantly increasing, customers can spend time looking for the best platform or website for them. As technology continues to develop, the options will only increase, and it’s up to the developers to stand out from the crowd.