Your Checklist for Construction Site Hire

It can be intensely difficult to keep track of everything necessary to think about when you’re in the initial stages of planning a construction site. To keep things as easy as possible, and to make sure that nothing essential is forgotten, a construction site hire checklist is invaluable.

Here are just a few of the things that should be on your checklist.

Toilet hire

It’s a primary function, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked – no matter if your construction site has ten workers or a thousand, they will need access to appropriate toilet facilities. There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to portable toilets, it all depends on your needs. This is where the help of an experienced firm can help you make the right choice for your needs.

For example, smaller construction sites will be able to get away with a few individual portable cubicles. Larger scale construction sites may need something more complex, like a hot wash re-circulating toilet. Regardless of the size, it’s also important to check how the toilets will be managed. Ensure your provider will regularly empty any waste tanks, and make sure that utilities are properly connected if necessary.

Site welfare

Calls of nature are only one primary need. Your workers will also need welfare units to be able to comfortably attend to their needs. Depending on the nature of your work, this can range from anywhere from a place to wash their hands to a full portable shower block. Assess the reality of the work you’re going to be doing on your construction site to determine what you’ll need.

It’s also important that employees have somewhere to take breaks, prepare hot meals/drinks, and shelter from bad weather. These units should be fully weatherproof and insulated to provide a comfortable environment for employees to take care of their primary needs. As with your toilets, make sure that your provider is able to provide you with power as well as the unit itself.

Office space

Not all of the work done on a construction site is done on the ground itself. Administration and logistics management are an important aspect of any construction job, and you’re going to need somewhere for employees to work without being disturbed. This means you’re going to need portable office space – somewhere that’s comfortable and warm, that you can have placed in a convenient location.

The size of the cabin you require will vary depending on the scale of the construction site. Keep a close eye on your budget to make sure you’re choosing the right size for your needs. Cabins aren’t just useful as a mobile office, however, they can also be used as on-site storage – a place to keep equipment warm, dry, and safe when it’s not in use.

Power options

Regardless of the size of your construction site, everything you hire to manage and operate it will require electricity. Where possible, you should hook into the national power grid to ensure that you get enough power to meet your needs, and that it’s as reliable and consistent as possible. If your on-site office loses electricity, for example, it could quickly cause chaos.

Sometimes hooking into the grid is not an option, depending on the exact location of your construction site. In that instance, you will need to look at hiring generators to provide your power. It’s important to accurately assess your power needs and hire an appropriate number of generators to produce it. Remember also to ensure that generators are regularly refuelled and maintained, to allow them to provide the most reliable possible power.