Cold Case Inc: Leading a Revolution in the Mystery Gaming Sphere with an Innovative Detective Experience

Cold Case Inc is setting a new standard in the immersive world of mystery gaming with its groundbreaking, award-winning online platform. Founded by Billy Cross, this avant-garde platform stands alone in offering players the chance to engage with unsolved case file games through a fictional police computer system, providing an unparalleled detective role-play experience.

Catering to the interests of true crime devotees and puzzle enthusiasts, Cold Case Inc unveils a collection of intricate unsolved cases, each set within a richly detailed digital environment. Players have the opportunity to access a virtual police database, where they can sift through evidence, evaluate witness statements, and inspect crime scene photographs to solve puzzles and close cases.

“Our goal at Cold Case Inc is to deliver an unparalleled investigative experience that challenges intellects and captivates imaginations,” articulates Billy Cross, the visionary at the helm of Cold Case Inc. “By simulating the real-life investigative process within a fictional framework, we’re not merely creating games; we’re constructing narratives that invite players to actively engage and determine the outcome.”

The platform’s unique selling point is its use of a fictional police computer system, a feature that elevates it above traditional mystery games. This innovative approach provides a dynamic and interactive experience, placing players in the midst of their own detective story. Each case is designed to put the player’s deductive skills and analytical thinking to the test, delivering a complex challenge for those with a penchant for crime-solving.

Available to an international audience, Cold Case Inc supports unlimited devices and logins per account, enabling seamless teamwork among friends and relatives in solving mysteries. With a pledge to continually augment its collection of cases, the platform promises an ongoing series of new enigmas waiting to be solved.

For individuals eager to unleash their detective potential and delve into a realm of unsolved mysteries, visit to initiate your detective journey today.