Newcastle’s Premier Aesthetic Nurse Develops Groundbreaking Approach for Cleft Lip Correction

Newcastle’s Premier Aesthetic Nurse Develops Groundbreaking Approach for Cleft Lip Correction

Luisa Scott, Newcastle’s esteemed expert in aesthetic lip enhancements, has revealed an innovative treatment designed for individuals with cleft lips. This novel technique, provided complimentary through her acclaimed Newcastle Skin Clinic, has already gained recognition as ‘groundbreaking’ and ‘life-transforming’.

Each year sees 1 in 700 newborns entering the world with a cleft lip and palate, conditions that, without intervention, can hinder speech and auditory capabilities. These congenital malformations manifest as openings in the upper lip, the mouth’s roof (palate), or both, and stand as some of the most frequently encountered birth defects, resulting from incomplete closure of facial structures during fetal development.

Having initially pursued a career in surgical nursing at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gateshead, Luisa Scott launched the Newcastle Skin Clinic a decade ago, which has since achieved national acclaim for its dedication to achieving natural aesthetics and superior patient care.

In her words, Luisa Scott shared: “I am constantly inspired and interested by the patients who come to the clinic – it’s a privilege to learn about their lives and journey. Aesthetics can be life changing. Through my training as a surgical nurse and aesthetics practitioner, I can help patients regain confidence following congenital disabilities or injuries from an accident. Providing free treatments for people with a cleft lip – and seeing their confidence grow post-treatment is one of the highlights of my job.”

The corrective procedure involves the precise administration of a filler into the lip via small injections using an exceptionally fine needle. This filler merges with the lip’s existing tissue and draws moisture, thereby enhancing volume and smoothing the lip’s appearance. The enhancements are typically visible instantaneously and can sustain for several months to a year, varying with the chosen filler.

Carolyn Dunn, who has lived with a cleft lip and palate since birth, was introduced to Luisa in 2023 by a friend. Reflecting on the transformative effect of her treatment, Carolyn stated: “The procedure I had at the Newcastle Skin Clinic by Luisa has transformed my life. I was always self-conscious growing up, and it did impact some of my life choices – but since visiting Luisa, I feel confident and able to smile again.”