Shine Bright: 7 Expert Reasons to Incorporate Skylights into Your Commercial Space

Shine Bright: 7 Expert Reasons to Incorporate Skylights into Your Commercial Space

No matter what your work environment is, the reality is that no one wants to work in a dark or gloomy space. If you’re considering a workspace overhaul or you’re simply looking for ways to reduce your overall energy bill, you may want to consider the many benefits of alternative lighting solutions.

Whether you’re managing an office, workshop, or even warehouse, there are many reasons why you should consider the solar skylights many Australian companies are switching to. This post takes a closer look, to help you make smart decisions for your interior work spaces this year.

Add Skylights to Your List of Workspace Upgrades

Dreary workspaces with rows of artificial lighting are losing their appeal and with good reason. Commercial property and business owners are embracing the benefits of replacing these glaring artificial lights with healthier, more cost-effective solar solutions, including solar skylights. Here’s a list of top reasons why you should get on the bandwagon too.

1.     Reduces Overall Energy Costs

In many instances, office or warehouse lights are on 24/7. Needless to say, this can lead to extensive energy bills, especially in bigger spaces and it’s easy to see why Australian businesses consume an average of 154, 439 gigawatt hours per year.

While it’s true that not all this energy stems from the lighting, artificial light bulbs do contribute extensively to this total. One of the fastest ways to reduce energy consumption in your workspace is to invest in solar lighting. Solar options reduce the need for artificial lights to be used all the time, and you’re using a different source of energy!

2.     Increases Work Productivity

Experts have been advocating the benefits of natural light for years. One of the benefits they agree on is that more exposure to sunlight is a top way to increase productivity levels. With natural light flooding into your space, employees are more likely to be in a better mood, be more creative and generally get more done. This will definitely benefit your business, no matter what industry you’re in!

3.     Creates Passive Heating

During the winter months, it can be challenging and costly to keep the interior work environment warm enough. Adding skylights will ensure that your space can absorb heat and keep the workspace comfortable, without the need for air conditioning.

Not using the air conditioning will reduce the possibility of staff getting ill from recycled air. This minimises the number of sick days your workers take.

4.     Improves the Workspace Aesthetic

Some business owners don’t really care too much about how their workspace looks. This is particularly true where the employees don’t deal with customers or the public. However, this mindset doesn’t do much to boost staff morale.

Ideally, your workspace should be clean, organised and inviting. Adding skylights is a simple but effective way to improve the overall aesthetic of your workspace. For example, apart from creating lighter, more inviting rooms, skylights also add a modern, eco-friendly vibe, and this can all help your team feel more positive when at work.

5.     Minimises Office Stress

No matter what industry you’re working in, there are days when work can be quite stressful, especially when you’re dealing with customers. deliveries, repairs and deadlines. A helpful resource in many of these instances is to increase natural light as this is an excellent mood enhancer, to help manage your team’s anxiety levels.

Since it’s not always possible to add windows to your space, it’s worth researching the use of strategically placed skylights.

6.     Reduces Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

Many business owners are on a mission to reduce their professional carbon footprint. Few things say eco-friendly quite as loudly as solar skylights.

Skylights reduce the need for electric or fluorescent lighting and don’t require traditional lightbulbs that need to be disposed of. A solar skylight product boosts the amount of natural light you can channel into a room. This happens without heat gain, thanks to advanced technology, so more light doesn’t necessarily mean the interior becomes uncomfortably hot.

Adding skylights to your commercial property doesn’t only benefit the people working inside your space but also goes a long way toward supporting any sustainability initiative that your company may have.

7.     Availability of Quality Materials

A concern that many business owners have is the quality of the products they install. Fortunately, modern skylights are made of durable materials such as glass, acrylics and polycarbonates. There are also a wide range of shapes available to suit your business and roof requirements.

Features you can expect include the following:

  • Modular components to meet all your requirements.
  • Different devices and dome sizes which can integrate various technologies to maximise the way daylight is captured.
  • Daylighting systems that offer tubular devices for different areas. This means that you can use different skylights in different areas, for optimal outcomes in each space.

Final Thoughts

Adding solar skylights is one of the most efficient ways to upgrade your commercial space. Whether it’s an office environment or a workshop, the benefits of skylights are clearly well worth the investment. With the variety of styles and solar solutions, it’s easier than ever to choose the best installation and trust for many positive outcomes.