Amazon Filters Achieves Remarkable 98% Security Automation with CloudGuard MXDR Implementation

In light of the growing cyber threats faced by the manufacturing industry, Amazon Filters, a premier UK manufacturer of tailor-made filtration technology, has enhanced its cybersecurity measures through a strategic collaboration with CloudGuard’s Protect Plus MXDR service.

Driven by the ineffectiveness of traditional security protocols and catalysed by ransomware attacks on similar businesses, Amazon Filters embarked on a thorough revision of their cybersecurity approach, leading to the adoption of CloudGuard’s MXDR service.

“The threat landscape is evolving rapidly, and it’s imperative for organisations to adapt,” said the IT Manager at Amazon Filters. “CloudGuard’s MXDR service has been a game-changer for Amazon Filters. From providing a clear roadmap for cybersecurity improvement to seamlessly integrating with our existing infrastructure, it’s been a transformative experience.”

CloudGuard’s MXDR, an abbreviation for Managed eXtended Detection and Response, champions a proactive cybersecurity strategy by unifying security data, employing artificial intelligence for threat detection, and facilitating automated threat resolution. Its flawless integration with Amazon Filters’ Microsoft-based infrastructure ensures instantaneous threat detection throughout their operations.

“The deployment of CloudGuard’s MXDR service marked a significant milestone in Amazon Filters’ cybersecurity journey,” noted the IT Manager. “Automation is at the heart of CloudGuard’s Protect Plus MXDR service, which has only strengthened our security posture but also saved us time and resources.”

During a 90-day evaluation, automation successfully managed 98% of alerts, equating to a time saving of over 52 days compared to manual processing. The continual support from CloudGuard after deployment has further bolstered Amazon Filters’ reliance on the MXDR service.

“With CloudGuard as our security partner, we feel confident in our ability to navigate the evolving threat landscape and protect our business effectively,” the IT Manager further stated.

As Amazon Filters plans for the future, the adaptability of CloudGuard’s services is seen as critical for effectively addressing their shifting security needs, affirming CloudGuard’s integral role in their long-term cybersecurity strategy.

By forging a partnership with CloudGuard and incorporating the Protect Plus MXDR service, Amazon Filters has not only elevated its cybersecurity infrastructure but has also integrated automation as a central element of its security approach, ensuring the continuous safeguarding of its digital framework, data, and operational activities.

For more information about CloudGuard’s MXDR service, visit CloudGuard’s website or read the full case study here.