Workplace Energy Advice Programme Launched to Support UK Employees

In light of increasing fuel poverty and its detrimental effects on employee morale, Residential Energy Services (RES) has introduced their Workplace Energy Advice programme.

The programme, supported by The Department of Energy Security & Net Zero and Midlands Net Zero Hub, is intended to offer flexible support to employees, helping to enhance energy management in both their professional and domestic settings.

This initiative is fully funded, providing complimentary access to energy advice for employees across the manufacturing, production, and retail sectors. It addresses the difficulty that employees face in accessing community advice due to irregular shifts or limited technology and resource access.

Tailored to individual business needs and employee work schedules, the service ensures that employees remain on the shop floor, offering “drop-in” workshops, consultations, and pop-up services in communal areas, all incorporated seamlessly during the workday.

The programme educates participants on energy conservation and waste reduction, presents information on energy efficiency measures like insulation and air source heat pumps, and includes individual sessions to assess funding eligibility, EPCs, and answer queries related to enhancing home energy efficiency.

“This unique service from RES empowers employers to provide tangible guidance and support to employees to drive forward their commitment to sustainability,” noted Sarah Parry, Managing Director of Residential Energy Services.

RES has been at the forefront of delivering energy subsidy awareness and advisory services to over 20,000 UK households since 2014, specialising in educating on energy-saving measures and managing the customer journey from advice through installation.