SURVEY: Gen Z Are More Sun Savvy Than Gen X

SURVEY: Gen Z are more sun savvy than Gen X

The UK’s fastest-growing online beauty retailer, Face the Future,  is sharing findings from a YouGov survey of over 2,000 participants – which highlights differing attitudes towards sun safety in the UK when it comes to Gen Z and Gen X.

  • More ​18-24-year ​olds​ (53%)​ than​ 45-54 ​year ​olds ​(30%) ​and ​adults​ aged ​55+​(25%) ​agreed​ that​ you should wear SPF year-round
  • Over half (55%) of 45–54-year-olds disagree that you should wear SPF year-round.
  • 60% of the UK aged 45-54 only apply SPF when it’s sunny in comparison to 43% of 18–24-year-olds.
  • Just over a fifth (21%) of Gen-X tend to agree with medical advice to wear SPF daily in comparison to just a third (32%) of Gen-Z
  • Gen-Z wear a higher SPF than Gen-X with 40% wearing SPF50+ daily on face and body in comparison to only 32% of Gen-X
  • 70% of Gen-Z seek a tan for confidence and 59% seek a tan to look more attractive
  • 23% of Gen-Z seek a tan to help with a skin condition in comparison to 13% of Gen-X

Kimberley Medd, Head of Clinic, Face the Future, says: 

“No matter the weather, the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays are ever present throughout the year, causing damage to the DNA in your skin cells that can result in premature ageing, skin cancer and a host of other skin-related issues. Because of this, it’s important to wear your shield of UV protection every day to protect your skin against the likes of melanoma skin cancer. 

Gen Z wearing more SPF than Gen X can be attributed to a variety of factors in my opinion. Growing up in the digital age, Gen Z has unparalleled access to information, leading to heightened awareness of the long-term effects of sun exposure like skin cancer and premature ageing. We also know that they prioritise skincare as a facet of self-care and wellness, influenced by social media’s pervasive beauty trends and sentiments from influencers. These factors collectively foster a generation that sees SPF as an essential component of their skincare regime, setting them apart from previous generations like Gen X.”

Face the Future have announced a VAT Burn on sun protection products following the findings with 20% off products marketed for sun protection, which has been extended until the end of August.

*all figures, unless otherwise stated, are from yougov plc. total sample size was 2,065 adults. fieldwork was undertaken between 6th – 7th February 2024. the survey was carried out online. the figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+)