UK Healthcare Hybrid Experiential Event/Congress Planning Services Announced

The consulting group, led by pharmaceutical industry veterans, has announced its introduction of a new model of hybrid and experiential healthcare events, based on the revised expectations of clients since the onset of the pandemic.
CODA Communications now offers its clients consulting and preparation services for more impactful and experiential healthcare events, that provide the ROI managers expect to see in the more dynamic and fluid post-pandemic healthcare landscape.
The dramatic rise of telehealth services is indicative of the industry as a whole. One study showed that telehealth engagement is now more than ten times higher than prior to the pandemic, while more than half of primary care visitations will take place virtually. Furthermore, almost 90% of healthcare providers (HCPs) are looking forward to either all virtual or a hybrid model of virtual and in-person meetings when the pandemic ends. The healthcare event industry has taken notice, as many fewer people are now willing to attend in-person events.
CODA Communications proposes to embrace these changes in attitudes and deliver more effective event experiences that mirror the industry’s transformation. Since cookie-cutter solutions no longer apply in the larger industry, the company recognizes that healthcare events too need to be tailored to more specific audiences. Additionally, those who are cannot or will not travel should have digital solutions that facilitate and enhance their remote experience.
The company asserts that the best ROI for pharmaceutical firms has always come via memorable and impactful moments with delegates. Today, however, this can only be sustained in the hybrid models as proposed by the company.
CODA Communications now offers a virtual element that will not only add to the richness of the event, delivering many more layers of content to speciality audiences, but increase its shelf life. Additionally, the company helps to deliver what meeting organisers expect: meaningful and measurable information to assess the impact each of their events has.
The leadership team of the company comprises pharmaceutical company veterans who have devoted their careers to event communications in the healthcare sector. Prior to assuming the role of Managing Director at CODA, Chris Gosling worked in Product Strategy at AstraZeneca for ten years, before setting up the Healthcare Division at WRG Creative Communications.
“Our customer expectations and behaviours have changed,” said a company spokesperson. “It’s not just the pandemic. The advent of more flexible working schedules and even climate change have disrupted the industry – in a good way. Our clients will be able to put on more impactful and effective events than ever before.”

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