Wayne Reid Presents on Roles of Social Workers in Black Lives Matter at SWHELPER Virtual Summit

September 2020, USA: Wayne Reid, the diversity officer at British Association of Social Worker (BASW) and graduate at Open University, will talk about the role of the social worker in the Back Lives Matter movement on during the SWHELPER Anti-Racism Virtual Summit hosted in partnership with Salisbury University and the Council for Social Work Education.

In his session on September 16th, 2020, Wayne will talk about how social workers can be anti-racist in our practice, ethical roles in social work practice, and the levels between white supremacy and white allyship. This presentation will provide insight into the relevance of George Floyd’s murder to Social Work; the correlation between the Black Lives Matter movement and Social Work values and ethics, and practical steps that can be taken to promote anti-racism. Additionally, he will provide an overview of the work of the British Association of Social Work.

“The Black Live Matter Movement in the United States have sparked protest, action, and reflection across the globe. I felt it was important for us to highlight at this Summit that social workers and people across the world have more in common than what separates us. Wayne has been doing wonderful work on behalf of BASW which has reached our shores,” says Deona Hooper, MSW and Founder of SWHELPER.

“Social Work is a vital multi-faceted international service that: coordinates support for the most vulnerable people in society; assesses and manages risk; addresses problematic behaviours and relationships; champions equality and social justice; optimises service-users’ strengths, promotes human decency and creates meaningful opportunities for social mobility,” said Wayne Reid.

Wayne qualified as a Social Worker in 2010, but the entirety of his social care experience spans nearly 20 years. Wayne’s career reflects his dedication to supporting vulnerable members of society, working with diverse professionals from across all sectors to improve service standards and meet holistic needs. As a black male Social Worker, Wayne understands some of the challenges that service-users and practitioners from different minority groups can face. Wayne’s presentation will focus on the trajectory of his career, key learning points, and his vision for the Black & Ethnic Minority Professionals (BPS) Symposium.

Moreover, Wayne will be a speaker in the event of “how social workers feel about their profession,” organized by Guardian Social Care. The event is on September 9th, 2020.

UK students and Faculty can attend the 2 Day Summit for $35 using this link: http://on.swhelper.org/basw, and earn field practice and continuing education if accepted by their institutions.

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