France leads the way for post-Brexit Brits and counts for a staggering 18% of moves abroad, closely followed by Ireland and Germany, according to a recent study by Shiply

Since Brexit was officially confirmed via referendum on the 23rd June 2016 many Brits have been looking to move abroad, whether for work or in an attempt to gain EU Citizenship elsewhere. Shiply looked into their data to find the most common post-Brexit destinations, finding that France was the most popular with ex-pats – 18% of international moves from the UK ended up in France. Ireland and Germany both came in 2nd, taking 16% of the moves each, with the Netherlands and Spain following up with 12% each.


Shiply’s founder, Robert Matthams, commented that: “Given the changes that Brexit brought to the UK there was always going to be a set of people who saw their future abroad. We’ve continued to see large numbers of people moving to Europe post Brexit”.


Shiply, used by several million customers since 2008, allows users to list their house move requests on the site and receive multiple quotes from removal companies.


Prices can be up to 75% cheaper than standard rates, and house moves can often cost a few hundred pounds rather than a few thousand through standard methods.



Shiply, founded in 2008, is an online transport marketplace that matches people needing to move goods with transport companies going there anyway. Over 25% of lorries and vans run empty of cargo and 50% run only part-full. By utilising the Shiply platform and making use of this spare capacity, Shiply dramatically cuts down on wasteful CO2 emissions whilst also increasing the profitability of transport companies and offering up to 75% off standard rates for consumers/SME’s.


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