Bella, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Narrates an Uplifting Story

Written by a travel writer, told in delightful rhyme, and filled with joyful art, memorable verses, and Italian words, Pisa Loves Bella (MB Publishing) is a celebratory and heartfelt story—as sweet as spumoni!—about kindness towards others and oneself.

In this uplifting tale narrated by Bella, Italy’s renowned Leaning Tower of Pisa, children will acquire social-emotional learning skills, such as self-acceptance, kindness towards themselves and others, and empathy.

For centuries, Bella has taken pride in her gravity-defying tilt. However, her confidence is challenged one day when she overhears unkind remarks about her appearance. Bella reacts by making a significant change, leaving the residents of Pisa and visitors from around the world anxious that their cherished tower will never be the same again.

Pisa Loves Bella brings this iconic city and its beloved bell tower to life, showing readers just how important kindness is.

Author Kimberley Lovato was moved to write this story because of her own childhood experiences of being teased over her red hair, freckles, and her last name, Dumm. Just as Mayor Luigi and the citizens of Pisa assist Bella, Kimberley’s friends helped her regain her confidence.

Pisa Loves Bella—with Barbara Bongini’s expressive illustrations accompanying every twist and turn in the story—demonstrates the timeless significance of thoughtful words. Whether you reside in Poughkeepsie, Perth, or on a bustling piazza in Pisa, the power of kindness is as clear as Bella’s beautiful lean.

Parents will appreciate the book’s emphasis on promoting friendship and compassion, as well as fostering empathy. Furthermore, they will enjoy how the story transports young readers to Italy without the need to pack!

Kathy McCabe, host of Dream of Italy on PBS and founder of Dream of Italy Magazine, comments on this inspiring read: “Pisa Loves Bella tugs at the heart with a sweet and creative story about one of Italy’s most iconic symbols. Kids will be captivated. . . . Complimenti to Kimberley and Barbara! I will be buying a copy for all of the tiny budding Italophiles I know!”


“A delightful and beautifully illustrated book! Children will love this story and its deeper message, and learn about a wonderful place in Italy through its catchy rhymes. This book is a winner!” —Corinna Cooke, best-selling author of the Glam Italia! travel guides

“A feast for the eye, a thrill for the ear, a joy for the soul! The vibrant and enchanting illustrations and words capture the charms of Italy and the big-hearted, life-affirming spirit of Italians. Brava!” —Dianne Hales, best-selling author of La Bella Lingua, La Passione, and Mona Lisa

“A vibrant, delightful book that will certainly inspire a child’s curiosity about Italy’s famous tower, and with entertaining rhymes, delivers a profound message to all about the power of kindness and honouring who we truly are.” —Susan Van Allen, Italy tour guide, speaker, and author of 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go

“Poetic storytelling . . . zippy rhymes . . . and vibrant and cheery illustrations capture the essence of Pisa’s charm and Bella’s endearing personality. . . . Pisa Loves Bella delivers a timeless lesson in celebrating individuality and extending compassion to others. Through Bella’s transformation, readers of all ages are reminded of the importance of resilience and self-love. With its engaging storytelling and universal themes, this book is a welcome addition to children’s literature, offering a delightful journey through the picturesque city of Pisa.” —The Children’s Book Review

“Some children’s books are meant to entertain. Others teach valuable life lessons or offer insight into other cultures. Kimberley Lovato’s PISA LOVES BELLA: A Towering Tale of Kindness is the rare example of a book that does all of the above. . . . Bella’s encounters demonstrate empathy, understanding, and resilience—themes that will resonate with readers young and old.” —James Weiskittel for IndieReader

About Pisa Loves Bella: A Towering Tale of Kindness
Publication date: June 30, 2024
Ages 4–8 • 8″ x 10” • 42 Pages •
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