OpenEnterprise.AI and SmartSurgN Join Forces to Drive Life Sciences Innovation

OpenEnterprise.AI and SmartSurgN Join Forces to Drive Life Sciences Innovation

OpenEnterprise.AI, a leader in enterprise generative AI solutions, and SmartSurgN, a trailblazer in advanced surgical visualisation systems, today announce a strategic partnership to revolutionise medical device innovation. This collaboration aims to address the challenges of bringing new products to market amidst stringent safety, efficacy, and compliance regulations.

SmartSurgN, like many firms in the life sciences industry, encounters significant hurdles in accelerating product development due to evolving regulatory compliance, siloed information, and fragmented processes.

“Our time to enter new regions has been reduced by 50% with OpenEnterprise.AI. Quality management has been elevated by streamlining our compliance reporting, driving SOP adherence, and standardising training,” said Vasu Nambakam, CTO and Co-founder of SmartSurgN. “Additionally, we are able to enhance patient care by providing doctors and hospitals with better surgical procedure insights, which improve patient outcomes.”

SmartSurgN’s teams are now equipped with proactive information to drive market entry decisions, streamline certification processes, and expedite the delivery of new products. OpenEnterprise.AI’s AI Sherpa enables users to locate regulatory, product, and quality testing information directly within Microsoft Teams via a conversational search app, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy.

“Partnering with SmartSurgN has allowed us to integrate our AI capabilities with their advanced surgical visualisation technology, creating a powerful synergy that will revolutionise medical device innovation,” said Montu Mavi, CEO and Co-founder of OpenEnterprise.AI. “Together, we are committed to accelerating time to market while ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance.”

OpenEnterprise.AI is leveraging its partnership with SmartSurgN as a foundation for a Life Sciences solution to be launched on the Salesforce AppExchange at Dreamforce later this year. This Life Sciences solution will complement the existing OpenEnterprise.AI Insurance solution on the AppExchange.

“We see tremendous opportunities in offering a portfolio of industry-specific AI solutions to the Salesforce community. We are creating a highly configurable, yet standardised generative AI platform that addresses the unique needs of different industries through an Industry Data Lake, Industry AI Models and Components, and Industry Apps. Our team is drawing on experience from Siebel, Vlocity, and Salesforce to architect and deliver this Industry AI Platform,” explained Mr. Mavi.

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