Monily welcomes start-up luminaries to the Board following successful launch of its Shoppa App

Edinburgh (UK) – November 2019 Monily SC Ltd, the maker of Shoppa, is proud to announce Peter Ellen and Ben Corrigan to the Board of Directors following the successful launch of the Shoppa App.

App Launch and nomination
Monily recently launched its Shoppa App with the mission of helping its customers get the best deals whilst minimizing waste on unwanted purchases and services by automating the process behind purchasing. The innovative App, which uses pioneering Machine Learning to process all the customers financial data on their Smartphone, was recently nominated for Mobile Start-up of the Year at the Scottish Start up awards. The App has gained significant downloads since its launch and has commissioned Pilot Fish Media, the Edinburgh based Social Media Agency, to run a Christmas campaign designed to build on its’ initial success. Stephen Gorman CEO of Pilot Fish Media said, “The whole team is excited to be part of the Shoppa story and to play it’s part in its growth story in 2020 and beyond.”

New Board Appointees
Monily welcomes to the Board start up luminaries, Peter Ellen and Ben Corrigan. Peter Ellen of Unicity Ventures, serial entrepreneur and former founder of Maxymser and Fopp Records, has been appointed Chairman. Peter said of his appointment, “Monily has a unique opportunity to join a cohort of companies shaking up financial services industry with disruptive technology and a laser focus on its customers.”  Ben Corrigan joins the Board as a Non-Executive Director, Ben is a former Dragons Den winner while CEO of JoinPouch, a business he recently exited to the Global Savings Group. Adrian James (CEO) said of the appointments, “We are privileged to have Peter and Ben join us in this venture, they bring amazing experience and energy to our business. It is our ambition as a Board to build on these appointments to add more experience to what is already a stellar start up Board.”

About Monily
Monily SC Ltd was founded in 2017 by Adrian James and Roman Popat with their vision is to build smarter Financial services applications that provides utility and value for today’s customer. Based in Edinburgh (UK), the company is backed by several prominent investors and has grown to seven staff from its inception. Monily is part of Scottish Enterprise’s High Growth Ventures program and the RBS Fintech Accelerator.

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TOME combats smartphone addiction with unique smartphone capsule and app

Rescue your family from smartphone addiction. TOME combines the best elements of physical and digital restraint, to improve mindfulness and help parents and their children break free of device distraction.

In the modern age, family time is hindered by the smartphone. It can be detrimental to mental health, personal relationships and consequently more costly to the society we live in. Reports show that 45% of parents say they feel addicted to their mobile device, up from 27% in 2016, while teens feel their parents are addicted to their mobile device.

To combat this TOME by Medietas Ltd was created as the perfect place and the only place to put your device away for up to 4 hours. What initially seems to be just a wooden box from the outside is a hideaway for your phone that rewards you the more time you leave your phone inside. Founded by Mindful Living Coach, Calvin Niles, TOME allows more mindful use of tech and rescues your family from device addiction. Its design fits perfectly in the home leaving family time the only thing that matters once TOME is active.  TOME allows you to be present in the moment by removing device distraction.

Devices can steal our focus and concentration quite easily however kids get it even worse. A recent child study found that children who spend more than two hours a day on smartphones are seven times more likely to develop ADHD – a behavioural disorder that affects one’s attentiveness, impulses and hyperactivity.

Co-founder Dr Aaron Mason, CTO recognised “device distraction has become a big issue especially for families who don’t spend enough time together, so technology like TOME is the most simple and effective way of solving this issue whilst keeping everyone happy, I know first-hand and am guilty of doing it, hence why we are working on this problem.”

With all this distraction, TOME is a symbol that represents balance, with a design that fits into any domestic or commercial environment. TOME is the perfect solution to smartphone addiction and device distraction as it’s functionality and design allows it to be a practical household item that reduces distractions. The capsule is durable and accented by sleek bamboo, diffused lighting. Inside a soft cushioned interior protects devices and most importantly it keeps your phone charged (wirelessly) so it’s ready to go when you’re ready.

TOME co-founder Calvin Niles said “As a doting father I value my time with my children enormously, but I realised that I was missing key moments in their lives due to my own device distraction. I feel we have created something special here and are really excited to be able to help bring balance back to people’s lives in this digital age.”

Companies are taking note too. Slack, the tech company that specialises in collaboration, has made protecting off-line time one of their key features as evidenced by their Do Not Disturb mode. TOME adds value in a similar way. With devices overtaking people’s daily activities regardless of age, sex, gender, career, nationality, or economic status, the symbol of TOME, that of power of intention, holds weight.

TOME can be integrated into everyday mindfulness routines and has been created for both functional and aesthetic value. Calvin further notes that “TOME was refined for quality at every stage of the design process over the last 12 months and a great deal of emphasis was placed on striking balance between the user experience and its look and feel. It is finely crafted and intuitively functional and serves as a clear place to lock away your smart devices to help achieve more quality time.”

TOME is brought to you by Medietas Ltd based in London, UK.  Medietas is a start-up company founded in 2016 to create products which bring balance to people’s lives. Its crowdfunding campaign is now live on Kickstarter to fund its first commercial production run of TOME capsules for deliveries from March 2020. The crowdfunding campaign can be viewed here

For more information about TOME, visit

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Calvin Niles, Medietas Ltd

London, United Kingdom

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Sign In App taps into the RFID reader market

Software developer makes a dream a reality by unveiling one of the first RFID readers in the global sign in market

Northampton – October 2019

Sign In App has become one of the first in its space to add RFID reader capability to its portfolio.

Following months of dedicated research and development, the in-house developers have developed an RFID reader, named Sign In App Tap. The innovation offers close to 100% compatibility coverage with all the major technologies, and also works seamlessly with the iPad.

According to figures from IDTechEx (Source 1), which has analysed the RFID market for the last 19 years, the RFID market is expected to be worth $13.4 billion by 2022, up from $11 billion in 2018, so it is in a significant growth phase as more organisations adopt the technology.

Sign In App Tap is a reader that allows the customer to connect their door access and ID cards to their existing Sign In App solution for an even quicker check in.

Sign In App’s eponymous product was first launched in 2015, aimed at replacing outdated paper visitor books in company receptions with a slick, self-contained unit containing an iPad, that records the name and an image of each visitor. It is a solution that not only strengthens the physical security of a building by keeping track of all visitors in real time, but adheres to GDPR guidelines over sensitive data storage and usage.

The firm has already launched two major add-ons to its popular portfolio this year. One feature was Events – tailored for organisations that run either in-house or external events. The Other was its mobile-based Companion App – designed for employees that are always on the move or working on large sites.

Key functionalities of Sign In App Tap include:

• Employees can tap their door access cards or fobs for instant and secure sign in
• Compatible with existing RFID technologies, meaning it will work with nearly all modern door access technology
• Simple to upgrade existing Sign In App enclosures

Dan Harding, co-founder of Sign In App, said the announcement was big news for the sector.

“Anyone who has worked with iOS and iPad technology before will understand that this has not been an easy task, and we are delighted to be able to launch something which was, in all honesty a ‘pie in the sky’ dream just a few months ago. The development team has done an amazing job of turning this into reality in a very short space of time,” he said.

“We have had an embedded QR code reader in our solution that has enabled a quick sign in process for a few years now, but as more and more of our customers are using our technology for staff sign in purposes, we knew we needed to make this process even quicker and simpler for them now and in the future.

Harding added: “Seeing as so many of our existing customer base already has door access cards and fobs, it made sense to develop our solution so these could be incorporated. The hard work has definitely paid off.”

Source 1:

About Sign In App
Sign In App is a young and dynamic software development company that is fast becoming the go-to technology of choice in the global visitor management space.

Launched in 2015, Sign In App has maintained an impressive organic growth rate since its inception, with turnover growing by over 160 per cent in 2018, and it is on track to at least double in size in 2019.
Based in a converted barn in the picturesque Northamptonshire countryside, all the technology is developed in-house, on site, by the firm’s homegrown technical team, and all support is also handled locally, in the UK.

Customer numbers speak for themselves; in January 2018 the firm had 200 clients on its books, but it now boasts over 2,900 clients spanning the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, United States (US) and Canada.
To find out more visit the company website:

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TopTekkers: The world’s best app to teach young football players

TopTekkers is now available to download for aspiring football players

MANCHESTER, UK / MONDAY OCTOBER 7 2019: Every budding football star now has their own private coach available at their fingertips! Today, TopTekkers was released on the App Store and Google Play. The mobile application, designed to help young players sharpen their skills, has been created by a team of UEFA and USSF licensed coaches, with the shared objective of getting children back outside, practicing football skills and becoming better players.

TopTekkers features a number of techniques that are essential for all football players, including passing, shooting and dribbling. For each technique, there is a a video demonstration, with simple and clear instructions for players to follow. Plus a challenge, which gives players an opportunity to practice the technique. The app will launch with over 50 videos available to users.

TopTekkers Head of Content, Steve Crane said: “We’ve created a really simple product that will appeal to young people around the world, who want to become to better football players. Not only is it user friendly and easy to navigate, but the challenges require very little equipment, in some cases, just a ball!”

TopTekkers users will also be able to evaluate themselves in each challenge by submitting a score based on their performance. A player’s progress will be recorded in their account, and the player, their parent or coach will be able to view the scores. Users can also earn in-app ‘trophies’ for reaching certain score targets.

Steve Crane added: “Each player will have tangible evidence of their progress. If they’re practicing a passing challenge, they’ll be able to monitor their improvements and see if they’re getting better. When players see they’re getting better, we feel players will be motivated to keep practicing”.

Players will be able to compare their scores in challenges to friends, teammates and other players all over the world, adding a social element for users.

A portal has also been created so a user’s parents can view their activity too. A parent’s approval will also be required for a child to gain access to TopTekkers.

Watch the TopTekkers technique on Striking A Moving Ball

TopTekkers is available online at or available for download at the App Store or Google Play

Media login credentials:

Child Portal
Username: media_child
Password: Gh3U6zFP

Parent Portal

TopTekkers Social Media:


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