London art dealers in Canary Wharf to go virtual because of Covid 19

Many across the world are waiting for their offices to open up so they can return back to one.  But one Canary Wharf based art dealers, ME Art, have made the decision to abandon its immediate plans to open a physical art gallery in Canary Wharf all-together to focus on building and growing digitally.

The boutique dealers, which have a niche in selling unique and exceptional investment-grade artwork of British contemporary, post-war and street artists, like William Gear, Alan Davie and Endless. They made the bold call to go virtual in light of Covid 19, upon realising the lockdown has had little impact on sales, despite the inability to physically see clients and display artwork to them in-person.

Me Art launched with a gallery in 2017 located in Beckenham, South East of England. Given the majority of their client base were located in London, they decided in late 2018 to close the gallery and relocate to an office in Canary Wharf. The strategy was always to open a physical gallery in the city in 2020, whereby prospective and existing clients could come and view artworks and meet with their dealers in person. However, the lockdown has made them aware that this is no longer necessary right away.

Talking about the move, Joseph Lewis, the owner and Director of Me Art, said: “A decade ago the concept of a digital-only art dealership would not be technologically feasible nor accepted by our clients and prospects. However, with the emergence of high quality video conferencing as well as technologies such as augmented reality, we feel incredibly confident that we can replicate the standards and experience people get visiting a physical gallery, online. This is the game changer.”

He later added: The impact of Coronavirus on businesses is going to be felt for a long time across industries, even once lockdown has been lifted. The good news for us is that art buyers will now be more open to digital experiences, buying and viewing perspective art purchases online – from the comfort of their own sofa, using their mobile phone, or even augmented reality goggles!”

Me Art plans to start building a range of virtual services from the second half of this year, such as a virtual and fully  configurable gallery.

In the meantime you can see their art collection at: 

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A great mind once said; ‘’Music is powerful;  as people listen to it, it is affected by it ’’.

When I listened to  this new classic just out of the IM Electronica archive, my first thought was, we still have talents who understand sounds passionately and give us  arts that melt hearts;  and we definitely  need to talk about this good music.

If you are a big fan of House Music , the game has just blessed your playlist with a rare gem from a new talent, “Disco-C”

This Mexican Dj and producer who has  released his debut single under the label IM Electronica has been receiving so much love and has been topping charts with his new classic ‘’THAT SOUND – (Betoko Re-touch)’’; a song featured with  Betoko (Diyinamic, Suara) an international talent that promises to repeat the feat of being the summer song of the year.

You know what people say, ‘’Men lie, women lie, but numbers sure don’t’’, Disco-C’s new song has been in the top 200 of trending songs of electronic music for weeks on iTunes in the United Kingdom reaching number 2 in the charts.

This classic also reached 26 on the chart of Top House of Beatport Releases, also receiving good love and support from renowned DJ’s like Erick Morillo, Joseph Capriati, Riva Starr, Nick Muir to mention a few of them. As well as some Radio stations across the globe like Ibiza Global Radio, Kiss FM Australia, Cool FM El Salvador, Radio1 Mallorca, Kick FM Mexico have been supporting the hardworking of this new DJ and his brand. when you find some good music, it deserves all the support to push it up until it gets to thirsty fans looking for some good new sounds.

Believe me when I say this is a jam. Although this is the first single from Disco C, it has made such a strong statement already. you can only be thirsty for more of the talented DJ and Producer who also takes his promotions to high levels as a promotional tour around Mexico and a remix with a top DJ is planned for this classic ‘’THAT SOUND – (Betoko Re-touch)’’.

We know good music, we love good music, we promote good music and yes we recommend good music and this is one! is ART THAT MELTS HEARTS.

You can support the artist and his music by following him on all his social networks:

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Exploring a culture with difference in Hong Kong

Which is that one tourist destination which is emerging as a popular choice for many? Well, a lot of people these days are heading out to China and exploring this country. So, if you are thinking of paying a visit to China as well, which is the place that you want to visit? For us, the top choice would be Hong Kong. Internationally known with almost every part of the world grained into it along with the heritage of the Chinese culture, Hong Kong truly has a lot to offer to those who love to travel and explore new cultures.

Things to keep in mind when travelling to Hong Kong

Well, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that Hong Kong is more than just a Chinese city. It is a specially administered region and hence the rules and regulations might be a little different, though it does not affect the tourists much. What as a tourist you will be greatly benefitted of is the fact that there are plenty of luxurious as well as budgetary Best Hong Kong hotels and hence finding just the perfect stay will not be a problem for you at all? If you are unable or unsure about the place to stay, then a very simple thing to do would be to get in touch with tour planners or organizers online and they will have the entire tour planned out for you – starting from your flight bookings, your stays to your itinerary. If you want, you can always up for the grabs. So, if you want a pocket-friendly, hassle-free trip, then you can definitely go for tour planners. Just make sure that you research properly and study all the deals before you finalize the customize your travel plans as well. The reason why a lot of people generally tend to go for planned tours is that it is hassle free and you get to save a lot as well because of the combo deals and offers that are always one for you.

The next most important thing about your trip is the Visa. You will need a visa to enter the country and you will have to apply for it before your trip. The visa processing might take time, but it is generally not difficult to get a tourist visa for China, if all your documents and most importantly your passport is in order. Get your flight booking done, after you have gotten the visa approval.

Another important thing to know is the time to visit this place. Well, if you are visiting for the first time, you will definitely want to make the most of it, right? So, the weather needs to be conducive one for tourists. The best time to visit thus would be from September till about the middle of December. The weather remains ideal for tourism – neither too hot, nor too cold, and hence during this time you will be able to make the most of your trip.

Must visits in Hong Kong

Do you know which the places are that you want to visit when in Hong Kong? Well, you need to have an itinerary prepared and here’s ours for you:

  • Hong Kong happens to be a city of sky-scrappers and bustling life. The city is always running and the place has its own glory. Well, if you are interested in exploring the city from an aerial view, then you have to head out to the Peak or the Victoria Peak. The main highlight of this area? You will get to see the entire skyline of the city and experience Hong Kong like never before. This is a must visit on your list of to dos when in Hong Kong.
  • How about exploring the city from the depths now? You can always hop aboard the Star Ferry and take a tour of the city in the waters. This ferry ride will take you around the city from where you will be able to spot some of the most well noted spots of Hong Kong. The best part about the ferry? You have one every three or four minutes, throughout the day; hence step aboard anytime you like!
  • Want to see one of the largest statues of the Buddha in the world which was completed in over 12 years? Well, then, head out to the Po Lin Monastery, where a 34 meters high Buddha statue awaits you. Being primarily a Buddhism dominated country, it is no surprise that you will come across many monasteries and Buddhist statues here, but this one definitely stands tall and stands out!
  • Craving for some time by the beach? Hong Kong has the perfect solution for you – the Repulse beaches and bays. Talk a walk down the sandy beach beautifully carpeted by the waves gently touching upon the shores. If you want you can also spend your entire day at the beach if you are craving for some time to relax. This promises to be a pleasant visit.
  • Street market and that too at night? The Temple Street Market is your destination of choice. Laden with a variety of food stalls and trinkets and gadgets and souvenirs being sold in masses, this is a haven for everyone who is looking forward to some pocket-friendly shopping. This market, generally starts opening its doors around 6’o’clock in the evening. However, if you reach too early, you might find some of the shops closed. So, take your time and head out to the night market in the evening and spend strolling about the lanes, checking out all that the shops have to offer. As a tourist, you will find all the souvenirs that you need to take back home, from here!

Alright, now you have all the basic information that you need to make sure that your stay in Hong Kong is not only a pleasant one, but a fruitful one as well. So, are you ready to set foot into Hong Kong? Well, then without any further ado do get in touch with a tour planner online and get the ball rolling!