For Artists to Disrupt Broken Art Market, LettsArt Launch Free Website System

Announcing the intorduction of a dedicated artist website platform to service the needs of artists, galleries, dealers, collectors & museums.
LettsArt, a Web3 cloud-based platform is designed to support the needs of the entire art market – artists, galleries, art dealers, collectors and museums alike. The platform is live in full public beta, and is the first art website system to offer artists, galleries, museums and collectors the ability to showcase physical, digital and NFT art all in one place.
The current art market lacks market efficiency and transparency for the hundreds of selling artists and galleries, and legacy art marketplaces lack online innovation. LettsArt replaces clunky and costly DIY websites with an easy-to-navigate, powerful specialist gallery website that is free to use, allowing artists to focus on their craft, not on web design. And enhances the current widespread outreach by artists through social mediums like Instagram by providing an abundance of web features.
Philip Letts, Chair of LettsGroup and founder of LettsArt, said: “We believe that the art market is going through some fundamental changes. By enabling artists to easily launch their own online gallery and have direct interaction with their supporters and collectors, LettsArt could turn the art market on its head, interrupting the stranglehold of large gallery owners, auction houses and critics on the market and providing opportunities for creators and collectors alike.”
He continues: “The platform has the potential to attract a significant number of creators and provide a transparent and efficient art market for collectors worldwide. The art market has no stock exchange style clearing house and little direct support for a majority of artists and artist sales.”
LettsArt allows artists to set up their own websites/online galleries easily, accessing authenticity, collection and artwork management tools, minting and royalty management. It enables the display, promotion and sales of both physical and NFT-enabled digital art. Even allowing for direct payments to the artist by bank card, credit card and cryptocurrency.
LettsArt offers a number of membership options, starting with a free Creator option. Under this model, talented artists who could struggle to break into the exclusive art world will only pay a 10% commission taken for art sold through the system. This will be available to the first 5,000 artists who sign up, following which commission will be 12.5%. Equally, art collectors will benefit from direct artist sales and a more transparent and open market for exciting new art from around the world. Other membership options include Creator Plus (a multi-user option for  artists with assistants and staff), the Gallery option, and the Museum option, which all require monthly subscriptions and grant reduced commissions, along with increased user capabilities.
LettsArt also provides a secure environment for NFT art transactions. Both the creators and the collectors register with the site and provide profile information, tackling issues NFTs have had with fraud. Collectors have direct access to artists and a transparent art marketplace.
Philip Letts concludes: “LettsArt’s Web3 artist gallery model is timely as creators look to better monetise their followers and supporters on social media, including on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. It is even timelier in light of statistics from market reports that show a doubling of art sales placed online from 2019 to 2021. Like everything else, the art market is moving online – LettsArt is pivotal to that transition.”
LettsArt is available to UK artists and galleries, now in full public beta. Artists can sign up at Keep up to date with its progress through @lettsart on twitter.