Fujita Kanko Group Elevates Global Presence with European Hub in London

Japan’s Leading Hospitality Giant Initiates Full-Scale Operations in Europe

In a strategic move to broaden its international footprint, the Fujita Kanko Group, renowned for its prominence in Japan’s hospitality sector, has inaugurated its inaugural European Representative desk in the vibrant city of London. This significant development is poised to reshape the landscape of luxury accommodations for European travelers, offering direct access to Fujita Kanko’s diverse portfolio.

Key Points:

Strategic European Entry: The Fujita Kanko Group, hailed as one of Japan’s largest hospitality firms, has embarked on a new chapter by establishing its European Representative desk in London. This move underlines the group’s commitment to expanding beyond its domestic stronghold, marking a significant step into the lucrative European market.

Partnership with Hankyu Travel UK: Fujita Kanko’s strategic alliance with Hankyu Travel UK signifies a collaborative effort to penetrate the UK market, recognized as Europe’s largest hub for inbound travel to Japan. The partnership aims to introduce European travel agencies and stakeholders to the group’s diverse offerings, ranging from business hotels to luxury accommodations and specialty spa facilities.

Direct Booking Accessibility: Beyond traditional public relations endeavors, the newly established desk offers a streamlined approach for European travelers. Group facilities, including the exquisite Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, and the Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu and Hakone Kowakien Mikawaya Ryokan, can now be directly booked in the UK, aligning with Fujita Kanko’s commitment to customer-centric experiences.

Fujita Kanko Group’s expansion into the European market promises to bring a touch of Japanese luxury to the international traveler. The move strategically positions the group to cater to the discerning European audience seeking a blend of traditional Japanese hospitality and modern luxury.