Aggrecom rolls out PODFather across its construction materials business

Aggrecom Ltd, the East Midlands based supplier of construction materials, has selected PODFather as its system of choice for the planning and management of its earthworks and aggregates operations. With a fleet of 27 tipper lorries, road sweepers and earthmoving vehicles, Aggrecom needed a software solution that could help eradicate paperwork and improve visibility across its growing business. Having started by rolling PODFather out across a section of its fleet, Aggrecom quickly saw the time and efficiency saving benefits that PODFather brings. As a result, a full scale PODFather roll out operation is now underway.

“As an organisation, we pride ourselves on delivering a first-class service to our customers. Irrespective of whether we’re moving 20 or 200,000 tonnes of material, we want to be able to accommodate and adapt to any situation,” comments Rob Fox, Managing Director, Aggrecom Group Holdings Ltd. “With PODFather rolling out across our earthworks and aggregates operations we feel we have the right solution in place to help us to maximise efficiency, streamline our processes and improve visibility across our business.”

With PODFather in place, Aggrecom will benefit from a number of construction specific software features including bespoke job booking, load planning and allocation management. PODFather’s robust software offering provides an easy to use, intuitive solution, to the complex problem of planning and managing the movement of a wide variety of earthworks and aggregate loads. In addition, Aggrecom drivers will all have access to the PODFather smart phone app. Running on even the most basic of smartphones, the app enables the Aggrecomm management team to share work with drivers, allocate progress and log proof of delivery information in real time.

“With the introduction of PODFather we are saving up to five hours of admin time every day by not relying on paper tickets; time that can be used elsewhere within the business,” adds Fox. “In addition, with real time proof of delivery collection we can immediately see what work we’ve completed, deal with discrepancies, and invoice accordingly. As far as we are concerned it’s a real game changer in terms of improving how we carry out our day to day business.”

“Here at PODFather we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that meet the real needs of today’s construction operators,” adds Colin McCreadie, PODFather’s Managing Director. “With Aggrecom we’ve quickly been able to demonstrate just how instrumental our system can be in streamlining processes, driving improvements and improving visibility for companies dealing with the complex challenge of managing material movements in the construction industry.”

PODFather Ltd – so much more than ePOD
Our software is helping businesses within the logistics, construction, field service and healthcare industries to streamline processes, improve operational and financial efficiency, and eradicate paper. Our cloud-based delivery management software encompasses a range of features and functionality including; job management, route planning and optimization, vehicle checks, proof of delivery, driver and vehicle tracking, as well as invoicing and reporting modules. PODFather allows businesses to be better informed about the jobs they are managing, highlighting problems before they occur, making users proactive rather than reactive. Our customer base includes well-known names such as Tarmac, NHS, Bidfresh, Oxfam and Igloo, as well as a many independent logistics and construction service operators. To find out more visit

Please direct all media request to:

Jane Geary, Marketing Manager
Tel: 07590 376099,

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Essex business coach accepted into Forbes Coaches Council

Adam Stott, an entrepreneur and wealth coach from Essex, has been accepted into Forbes Coaches Council, a community for leading business and career coaches.

Forbes Coaches Council is an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches and linked to the famous Forbes Magazine. Adam was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his coaching and business experience. Criteria for acceptance includes ‘a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics’, as well as ‘personal and professional achievements and honours’.

As an accepted member of the Council, Adam will connect and collaborate with other respected leaders in a private forum and will also be invited to work with a professional editorial team to share his expert insights in original business articles on and to contribute to Q&A panels alongside other experts.

“We are honoured to welcome Adam into the community,” said Scott Gerber, Founder of Forbes Councils, the collective that includes Forbes Coaches Council. “Our mission with Forbes Councils is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world.”

“Being invited to join the Forbes Coaches Council means such a lot to me personally,” said Adam. “Over the four years I have been coaching, I have worked with and supported so many business owners and watched them grow to the point that they are turning over millions of pounds each year. To have this recognised by a world-famous institution like Forbes is just amazing!

“I look forward to getting involved in the community and taking part in the Q&A sessions and other opportunities and learning from the other coaches in the Council.”
For more information on Adam Stott and his business coaching services, see

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Reach Food Service delivers dramatic business growth with PODFather

Reach Food Service, the London based premium foodservice operator, has implemented delivery management, route optimisation and electronic proof of delivery technology from PODFather. With the Reach business experiencing a fourfold expansion in order volumes and customer deliveries, the management team needed a software system that was both easy to use and could offer unparalleled functionality, fast. As a result, the Reach team turned to PODFather, the UK’s leading supplier of advanced cloud-based route planning, vehicle tracking and ePOD services.

“At a time of accelerated growth, when we are moving from 250 to 1,500 daily deliveries, we needed a solution that we knew we could trust. That’s why we contacted PODFather,” commented Abbas Lalljee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Reach Food Service Limited. “We’ve worked with the PODFather team in the past and have found them to be professional and reliable. The system is both advanced, yet easy to use so when we needed a solution PODFather was our only port of call and we were up and running within five working days of signing which is incredible.”

PODFather is now used daily to plan and manage the movement of Reach’s recently expanded vehicle fleet. “With PODFather we’ve made the initial leap of going from 250 deliveries a day to 800 and having the system in place has made the significant jump in volume so much easier to handle,” comments Geoff Charles, Reach’s Transport & Logistics Manager. “With PODFather my team and I can be confident that our deliveries are optimised, our vehicles are tracked, our customers are receiving timely notifications via text and email, and that we, as a transport team are collecting all our proof of delivery notifications with ease.”

The decision to introduce PODFather comes during what is an unprecedented period of challenge and change. “When the UK Government made the decision to shut down cafes, pubs and restaurants to slow the spread of COVID-19 I knew we needed to adapt quickly,” adds Lalljee. “Having a talented and entrepreneurial team, we have swiftly pivoted the business to maintain employment and remain fully operational six days a week, with day and night shifts. PODFather has had a significant role to play in helping us achieve this.”

As part of its change in focus Reach Food Service is involved in two new initiatives. The first, ‘REACH My Kitchen’ will see Reach rolling out a gourmet home delivery service of high-end seafood, meat and poultry boxes. With service now commencing within the M25 region Reach has rapid expansion plans that will see a fast rollout across the UK. In addition the Reach team has partnered up with Côte Brasserie on the new ‘Côte at Home’ initiative that enables people to stock up with chilled bistro meals, created by Côte Brasserie chefs, that are delivered to homes nationwide, ready to cook, chill or freeze.

“These are trying times for us all but the example shown by Reach proves that with drive, determination and entrepreneurial flair you can diversify operations, as shown in this case with the introduction of two new home delivery focused initiatives,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather. “We are proud to be helping Reach Food Service and many other food and drinks companies, keeping supply chains moving, and homes stocked, at this most difficult of times.”

PODFather Ltd – so much more than ePOD

Our software is helping businesses within the logistics, construction, field service and healthcare industries to streamline processes, improve operational and financial efficiency, and eradicate paper. Our cloud-based delivery management software encompasses a range of features and functionality including; job management, route planning and optimization, vehicle checks, proof of delivery, driver and vehicle tracking, as well as invoicing and reporting modules. PODFather allows businesses to be better informed about the jobs they are managing, highlighting problems before they occur, making users proactive rather than reactive. Our customer base includes well-known names such as Tarmac, NHS, Bidfresh, Oxfam and Igloo, as well as a many independent logistics and construction service operators. To find out more visit

Please direct all media request to: Jane Geary, Marketing Manager
Tel: 07590 376099,

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Business Continuity – Stay in Business After COVID-19

Companies that need to stay in business after COVID-19 can now learn how through online training at

Businesses close down every year due to fire, flood, technology failure and other causes such as COVID-19. According to professional studies, most of these companies never re-open their doors.

So what can be done to prevent such business shut downs? Business Continuity Management is the solution.

A new online BCM training and certification website has just been launched by the Institute for Business Continuity Training to help these companies stay in business – no matter what!

Nine individual courses, ranging from “Fast Track your BCMS” to full personal professional certification program are now available – at a fraction of the in-person course cost.

“For example, our new Diploma in Business Continuity & Resiliency Management fully integrates the revised international BCM standard, ISO 22301,” notes Jack Alexander, Executive Director of IBCT. “This means it is applicable to any size or type of business.”

This new online course utilizes instructor-led lectures, case study exercises, online feedback and discussion, and presents 30 individual lessons of a half-hour each. For those interested in obtaining professional certification in Business Continuity Management, it is available at no extra charge.

“The entire course is geared to showing you how to develop an effective business continuity plan to safeguard your business, step-by-step,” Mr. Alexander adds.

The course is completely self-paced, which means that you can work as quickly or slowly as you need. And the program is recognized by the National Institute for Business Continuity Management, which means course participants can receive a professional certification.

This online training course supplements the classroom workshops provided by IBCT internationally throughout the year. “If you cannot attend one of our courses in-person,” adds Mr. Alexander, “the online course is the next best thing.”

More information and a free sample lesson can be found online at

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Homeschool project turned into home business

A Webster, Massachusetts woman and her daughter set out on a mission to conduct a fun, yet useful science project and it has blossomed into a thriving home business.

Erin Peloso is a first year homeschool teacher for her daughter Tessa. The duo have had a marvelous year this year and have dabbled in the sciences with respect to inertia, matter and more. At the start of the global pandemic that we are all in the middle of however, Erin decided to start a project with Tessa to take both of their minds off  the grim news. “I knew that this was bad. So I sought out a simple yet fun project that we could do together that would incorporate the sciences and math for her [Tessa]” said Erin. “A few years ago we did a DIY Christmas, and I made soaps, so I said oh my! We could do that!” It has grown into a power house of a small home business since then she says.

Erin explains that as Tessa loved the project, the two decided to do a little more here and there, then friends and family really started to take notice and ask for some. “When I took on the homeschooling my husband was a Police Officer and the sole income, so I wanted to do my part to help, so I thought I could start out a small home business and still teach Tessa her math. We work on fractions, measurements, volume… it’s so much fun!” said Erin.

When asked about the project, Tessa explains her favorite part is cutting the soap! “I love cutting the soap and stirring the scents into the candle wax” said Tessa. The two have launched their website for the business which has now taken on the name “Tranquility & Co.” and they haven’t stopped since! “Within an hour of the website going live, we had over $200.00 in sales! My jaw dropped!” said Erin. The duo explained that they plan to release further “tranquil” products as time carries on.

Erin finished by stating that she “enjoys that their love of a craft can be passed on to others to love in their home”.

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Vital compliance checks for business owners coming out of Coronavirus lockdown

Businesses will soon be planning to reopen and get their employees back to work after the government announces the new workplace rules later this week.

These rules are likely to include social distancing, wearing of personal protective equipment, and the possibility of staggering work times.

One area of importance is how private and company vehicles are going to be used by employees and contractors. Many people have not driven their vehicles for several weeks, which highlights extended risks for both employees and Company Directors.

In Wuhan China, it has been reported there has been a 32% increase in the use of private cars from public transport, because personal vehicles were seen to be safer.

There are some vital checks which should be carried out by business owners and drivers as we prepare to come out of lockdown.

Vehicles have now been parked up in workplaces and outside people’s homes throughout lockdown and we should all take time to review our current procedures on vehicle and driver checks to stay within the law and make sure that employees are safely put back on the roads. This include vehicle checks for defects and roadworthiness and driver checks on health & wellbeing as well as licensing.

It’s important to remember this doesn’t just concern employees with company owned vehicles but also the Grey Fleet drivers who are the employees that use their own vehicles whilst on company business, an area which is still miss understood by many. In a recent’ Driving for Better Business’ survey, 60% of Senior Executives said they ‘didn’t know about the grey fleet’ or ‘how big it was’ in their business.

Health & Safety Laws require that all employers show the same ‘duty of care’ to employees driving their own private vehicles as they do for company-owned, leased or hired vehicles. Employers have a legal obligation to ensure all vehicles used for work purposes, irrespective of who owns them are safe and properly maintained and that drivers are licensed and insured.

Rebecca Hall Managing Director of HH Driveright commented, “We all have a duty of care to make sure that we put safety first for anyone driving any type of vehicle whilst on company time, including both employees and contractors. Having the correct processes in place for checking and reporting is very important. You wouldn’t put people at risk asking them to drive 5 or even 100 miles to see a customer without checking first that are fit to drive, their vehicle is in roadworthy condition without any defects and they have the correct licence and insurance in place. With the current lockdown being in place since March 23rd, its even more important to get on top of processes for people returning to the new normal.”

At Fleet Live in October 2019, we learned that only 38% of Directors regularly check their drivers have the correct insurance and 50% of all vehicles on UK roads are used for business purposes.

Think about your own organisation, have you got a way to keep track of the vehicles used by employees or contractors? You should keep as a minimum:
• Insurance details including business cover for those employees using their own vehicles for work related journeys other than just commuting
• Vehicle maintenance checks such as oil and brake fluid levels
• Roadworthiness including defects, windscreens, tyres etc
• Road tax validity

Checking drivers every day will reduce the risks of incidents taking place. Make sure that every driver is fit to drive and put in place a way to monitor individual driving behaviours, which can result in further education or wellbeing support. These checks should include:
• Licence validity
• Age and the drivers experience
• Health issues and alcohol or drug use
• Driver behaviours such as speeding, harsh braking and using a mobile phone

Keeping a track on your drivers and vehicles requires responsibility and accountability. Checks can be completed and recorded on manual systems such as using spreadsheets, but as your fleet and drivers increase it would make sense to look at a more efficient method which could be the introduction of a tech system such as the HH Driveright service.

HH Driveright is a comprehensive service, using the latest technology including a driver’s app to provide a total and secure solution for managing vehicle fleets and drivers. The system has a secure database which allows organisations to maintain, retrieve and analyse all vehicles, drivers and claims management data in one place. It also has a unique innovative security system allowing vehicles to be fully protected against theft and hijack, which offers both automatic and remote immobilisation. In addition, it monitors vehicles for safety issues, predictive maintenance services and reports both driving and vehicle insights. Another great feature is the ‘Online School of Excellence’ a platform to deliver driver training & continuous development.

HH Driveright is excellent value for money starting at just £5.50 per vehicle per month. More information can be found at where you can also request an online demonstration.

In summary, please do not forget your drivers and vehicles when you are coming out of lockdown, including the grey fleet, employees who use their own vehicles on company business. Make sure that the necessary checks are carried out to keep everyone safe.

About HH Driveright

HH Driveright offers a comprehensive service, using the latest technology to provide a total and secure solution for managing your vehicle fleet and drivers, including those that use their own vehicles for business purposes (grey fleet).

Our versatile App, security system and dynamic database will give you complete control of your vehicles and drivers in real-time, reducing vehicle thefts, improving driving behaviours, streamlining your daily compliance procedures and eliminating that time-consuming paperwork. Our secure database allows you to maintain, retrieve and analyse all your data in one place.

Our ‘Online School of Excellence’ creates a pathway for driver training & continuous development and Driveright Consult provides you with a one stop shop for all audit and compliance requirements.

Rebecca Hall, Managing Director
Telephone: 01937 830 144
Address: HH Driveright, 5 Fusion Court, Garforth, Leeds, LS25 2GH

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Capital Allowances: The Best Way For Business To Recovery From Covid-19?

As we approach the re-opening of the UK and Western Economies following the Covid-19 Pandemic, and businesses plan for their recovery, cashflow management has become the key area of focus for all businesses.

UK Government Tax Incentives exist to promote investment and sustainability in real estate assets for Landlords, Tenants and Owner Occupiers.

These incentives are referred to as Capital Allowances and are obtained through savings in Corporation and Income Tax. Obtaining the relief is not an automatic process and the tax rules are complex and often misunderstood. As a result, many businesses miss out on the tax relief available to them.

A Capital Allowances review of your current and historic capital expenditure could potentially generate savings that will reduce not only your upcoming Corporation and Income Tax payments but potentially generate a Tax Repayment as a result of Tax Over payments in earlier years.

Capital allowances consultants support property transactions to optimise tax relief opportunities associated with real estate acquisitions, disposals, development and leases.

This can be an area that businesses can maximise claims against their historic tax payments and provide a much needed boost to their cashflow in these highly uncertain times.


• Improvement on investment returns
• Realise cash savings and the associated cash flow benefits
• Reduce direct and indirect business costs associated with managing your tax compliance
• Delivery by a professionally qualified team with industry leading expertise
• National coverage across all property and industry sectors

Capsure Tax is an industry leading Capital Allowances Advisory Firm which specialises in securing all the available tax incentives in relation to expenditure on the following Assets: –

• Commercial offices
• Retail
• Warehousing & Logistics
• Hotels

Our experience ranges from preparing capital allowances claims for standalone projects through to providing a total capital allowances outsourcing function for our clients.

We have developed a claim preparation methodology which not only ensures capital allowances claims are HMRC compliant but are consistent across all projects. We also ensure each project is risk managed in accordance with our Client’s tax risk profile.

Capital Allowances Consultants

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Subscription Box Business Bathes in Sales Growth

Bathing in sales growth

An online beauty retailer has seen its business grow by a massive 25% over the past few months.

Bathbox is a subscription box company of bath bombs, soaps and salts and has been selling its products since 2017. Every month subscribers receive a different range of products each packaged to reflect the season.

The business was created by Natalie Clarke, who identified that there was a niche in the subscription box industry for a beauty bath product. Each Bathbox includes several well-known products, and this lets customers experience items that would cost them a lot more if they had been purchased from high street retailers.

Natalie normally gathers around 5 % growth each month, but this Easter’s Bathbox sold out in just a few days. This has meant that the business now has several hundred new subscribers.

Bathbox has been featured in Cosmopolitan and reviewed by several YouTube stars, such as Eltoria.

Owner Natalie says: “There are many small businesses, like mine, that have seen a growth in sales since the lockdown was introduced. I already had a business model that provided an alternative product to the major brands and high street retailers.

“Bathbox is an excellent way for my customers to treat themselves or to provide a monthly gift to a friend or relative.

“It’s a very exciting time for small businesses like mine that can still operate from home.”

The UK Subscription Box Boom Report, which was published by the Royal Mail in February 2019, estimated that the subscription box industry would be worth £1bn by 2022. But with the current lockdown set to continue, it is expected that people’s buying habits may change forever, with the industry seeing massive growth well before then.

This could see small businesses, like Natalie’s, develop and extend their products in a way that they would never have envisaged a few months ago.

Notes to Editors:

A Bathbox subscription costs £9.99 (+£2.99 UK Shipping). Subscribers receive a box once a month. Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime.

Each Bathbox contains five Beauty Bath Items; Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, Soaps & more.

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Two essential tips to improve your business mindset by Alessandro Des Dorides

You may be thinking about how to start a new business and how to make it successful. In reality, this will take much time for you to take a better start. It is because you will receive a hard look at successful business owners and ask yourself how they manage to achieve all that. Take your business seriously as it matters because people who want your services also want to know what you offer.

But when it comes to a stable mindset, it is required to take hold of your dreams within a short time. When you have a proper business mindset, you want to do the work needed to get business done. Here are two essential tips from a business consultant, Alessandro Des Dorides, which can help you improve your business mindset.

  1. Believe in yourself that you will succeed:

The reason behind the success of most people is self-belief that they can make it done. Believe in yourself is a compelling thing that some people don’t have. However, even if you don’t believe in yourself, you can still prepare yourself to become a believer in your capabilities. Whenever you start believing in yourself that you can be successful, you will complete each challenge that comes in your life. Oprah Winfrey quote is worth it here, “It is the belief in our bodies, minds and spirits that enables us to keep looking for new ventures.”

For instance, if you face a problem, don’t give up at that time. Serve all your abilities and keep on trying until you succeed. It will change the way you thought. Then, for the next time when you run into a similar scenario, you will have a belief in your abilities, and you will solve the dilemma. Moreover, when things seem sturdy, don’t lose hope. Some of the most difficult challenges out there will force you to think that it’s the time to give up but don’t despair.

  1. Know your process:

Are you crystal clear about your “process” for making decisions, managing business, staying engaged and assuring everyone in your circle of power is on board? It calls for you to get noticeable on the process of business which operates for you. You do not have to follow anyone process else. You have the power of deciding within your mind.

This whole process-led mindset can provide winning ways and marks along your journey. Try to know the process by which you will get succeed. Cutaway those areas which are not beneficial, including people. It is vital as Nikhz Jomraj quoted, “Cut off from people who get on your nerves.”

Final Words:

Remember, these two tips are just the basics for improving your business mindset. Apart from these, focus on your excuses, continue learning from your mistakes and identify your process for success.

Alessandro Des Dorides is an honest personality and business consultant with good experience. He said that your mind is a powerful machine. Give it good food every day, and look at your life-changing for the better.

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PureWeb receives Epic MegaGrant for better deployments of Unreal Engine business applications

Calgary, Canada – PureWeb has received an Epic MegaGrant to enhance its cloud streaming solution for enterprise 3D applications. The grant will be used to further develop PureWeb’s real-time streaming solution, enabling enterprise game creators to easily package and deploy their Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming applications on to the PureWeb cloud platform.

Epic Games, as part of the company’s $100 million Epic MegaGrants program, is awarding PureWeb with a grant to enhance its cloud streaming solution for enterprise 3D applications. The grant will be used to further develop PureWeb’s real-time streaming solution, enabling enterprise game creators to easily package and deploy their Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming applications on to the PureWeb cloud platform. Once on the platform, creators will be able to easily manage those application deployments to massively increase the reach of their content by adding a new delivery mechanism for their games.

The PureWeb platform enables cost-efficient and secure distribution of photorealistic and graphic-intensive interactive 3D applications including those developed with leading game engines, such as Unreal. Through game-changing technology to stream pixel-perfect, interactive 3D experiences by rendering each user session on high-performance cloud GPUs, PureWeb has become a global leader in distributing real-time 3D to web browsers, on any device, with no downloads required. With its Epic MegaGrant, it will be easier than ever for Unreal creators to deploy and manage enterprise game projects on PureWeb’s platform for mass publishing, without the need to share their source files. This will effectively maximize the reach of photorealistic 3D visualizations online and made interactive to better engage audiences globally—anytime, anywhere.

“The validation the Epic MegaGrant is a major milestone for PureWeb, especially in how we enable our customers to enhance their customer and employee experience through immersive web content, significantly increasing online conversions, sales and productivity, while lowering customer acquisition and operational costs,” said PureWeb CTO, James Henry. “Thanks to the grant, we will make a significant investment in our cloud streaming platform’s ability to automatically ingest data-heavy, graphic-intensive applications from Unreal creators anywhere in the world. As a result, we expect more companies to get on board and distribute their ultra-realistic product configurators, training simulations and virtual show homes to any mobile audience, in the most efficient way possible.”

The Epic MegaGrants initiative is designed to assist game developers, enterprise professionals, media and entertainment creators, students, educators, and tool developers doing outstanding work with Unreal Engine, or enhancing open-source capabilities for the 3D graphics community.
The Epic MegaGrant will contribute to PureWeb’s focus on distributing and integrating 3D applications at scale through its real-time streaming platform and expertise in managed cloud services.

For more information about Epic MegaGrants, visit

About PureWeb
PureWeb is making an interactive and immersive web a reality for all. Through it’s scalable and secure cloud streaming platform, PureWeb enables anyone to review, publish and engage with real-time 3D applications created with leading game creation engines. Enterprises across industries, including automotive, manufacturing, architecture and real-estate, use PureWeb to make interactive, photorealistic 3D visualizations, configurators, and training simulations accessible to global audiences through any web browser on any device. Follow @PureWebinc and get a demo at for more information.

About Epic Games
Founded in 1991, Epic Games is the creator of Fortnite, Battle Breakers, Unreal, Gears of War, Shadow Complex, and the Infinity Blade series of games. Epic’s Unreal Engine technology, the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D platform, is freely available at The Epic Games Store offers a handpicked library of games, available at Follow @EpicGames for updates.

About Unreal Engine
Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D platform. Creators across games, film, television, architecture, automotive and transportation, advertising, live events, and training and simulation choose Unreal to deliver cutting-edge content, interactive experiences, and immersive virtual worlds. Follow @UnrealEngine and download Unreal for free at

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