Emailexpert Announces The Netcore Inbox Expo Global Email Conference


Email industry conference & expo bringing together email marketers, email designers, email engineers, anti-spam & business leaders to discuss the future of email.

DORSET, UK, March 2021 — Over a thousand email specialists and digital marketing professionals from around the world will come together virtually in just under two weeks at the Netcore Inbox Expo, beginning 21 March to listen to over 100 speakers from around the world. A multi day, multi track event attracting engineers and marketing experts alike in the email space with delegates from student to CEO.

The four-day event will cover essential email marketing and security topics, with insights from industry thought leaders, leading vendors and service providers and delivered on the Hopin platform.

Speakers include leaders from organisations like Adobe, AOL Verizon, Oracle, Mapp,, Google, LinkedIn, Philips, Venable, The DMA and Spamhaus amongst many others.

Nely Bonar the Event Promoter and Managing Director of Emailexpert said “I am so excited to bring over 100 speakers that are all leaders in their respective email specialties to provide a learning experience to over 1000 delegates at The Netcore Inbox Expo 2021”

The Netcore Inbox Expo also provides multiple virtual networking options, including pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings, small group meetings of up to four, ad-hoc one-to-one networking and networking breakouts.

In addition to virtual networking, The Netcore Inbox Expo also offers certifications across a number of essential email practices and topics. Visit Inbox Expo to learn more about the available certifications, find the one that is best for you. All certifications can be integrated into one’s LinkedIn profile.

Gold sponsors include Mapp Digital, Validity, Pure360, Redsift and emailgistics.

To find out more, or find us on Twitter @inboxexpo

Accredited press and media can contact us for Press Passes and speaker interviews.


Emailexpert UK Ltd promotes smarter use of email and enables access to the tools, information and resources necessary for businesses to make better decisions in the email marketing channel. The UK-based company was incorporated in late 2019 with the support of Founder Partner Sponsors Pepipost and SparkPost.


Netcore enables marketers to achieve higher ROI & growth through AI-Powered Customer Communication & Engagement Platform solutions. With a 20+ years legacy of delivering value for more than 5000 leading brands across the globe, Netcore’s world-class Email engagement platform & Omnichannel Personalization solutions are trusted by more than 20 Global Unicorns.

MS Group launch a new website to offer an exclusive range of Herman Miller workplace products

MS Group, the Cheshire-based supplier of commercial furniture and storage equipment, has announced the launch of a new website – – where it will showcase its exclusive range of Herman Miller’s world-class furniture products including executive office chairs, premium office furniture and storage solutions. The creation, development and launch of this bespoke website follows MS Group’s appointment as an Authorised Herman Millar Dealer.

Commenting on the launch of, Ben Simpkin, Managing Director of MS Group said “The Herman Miller brand is world-renowned and we’re extremely proud to be working together with them. So we needed to showcase their range in a way which complements the premium quality of the brand and really brings their products to life. I think really does offer the best of both worlds: you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily and the Herman Miller range looks stunning!”

Jawad-Khan, Senior Channel Development Manager of Herman Miller added “We are pleased to welcome the MS Group to the Herman Miller family as our new Authorised dealer in Cheshire. They’re a great team, with a lot of enthusiasm and passion for creating beautiful workplaces – so we’re looking forward to building a successful long term business partnership with Ben and his team.”

MS Group’s range of Herman Miller product can be viewed at the newly launched

About MS Group
MS Group is a family-owned company specialising in providing individual, high quality commercial office furniture, shelving and mobile storage solutions. They offer a complete ‘end-to-end’ service from blueprint to installation and their high profile clients – from both the public and private sector – include the BBC, Selfridges, the Police and the MOD. The company’s legal name will remain MS Storage Equipment Limited.

About Herman Miller
Herman Miller is a globally recognised provider of furnishings and related technologies and services. Since its inception in 1905, the company has relied on innovative design to help people do great things. The global design leader has evolved into Herman Miller Group, a family of brands that collectively offers a variety of products for environments where people live, learn, work, heal and play. For more information visit

A Digital World: The Brains Marketing Releases Free Lead Generation Guide

Helping Businesses Restricted By Lockdowns

marketing agency in London, known as The Brains have released a new in-depth guide to help business owners take charge of their lead generation during these uncertain times. With many companies forced to take their businesses 100% online, ‘Leads on Tap’ combines a unique blend of online advertising techniques, marketing automation, buyer psychology insights and creative strategy to help business owners supercharge their efforts.

Helping business owners lower their Cost Per Lead (CPL), the guide also provides insight into automating processes, cutting marketing costs and reducing effort. These tried and tested methods used by The Brains have seen a 45% increase in lead volume, 5x ROI achieved on average and 85% client appointment booking capacity all reached by month 3.

Here are some of the common mistakes business owners make, and a snapshot of the insight readers can learn from The Brains’ Leads on Tap guide:

#1 Not creating personas for each type of potential customer 

Personas are prospects who have been segmented into target audiences based on their goals, motivations, and lifestyle. The Brains always recommend defining personas before creating any marketing campaign, as this allows you to create campaign assets and messaging that is uniquely designed to appeal to your prospect’s sensibilities.

How to put personas together:

  • Basic profiling information: Age, gender, location
  • Professional information: Job title, seniority, years of experience, career level, sector, industry
  • Personal information: Living situation, kids yes/no, hobbies, interests, causes
  • Motivations: Personal and professional goals and objectives, drives, ambitions and objections

Top tip: Don’t apply more than 3 main personas to any lead generation campaign. It becomes too complicated to manage campaigns with many personas and you can make your targeting too granular, adding cost and complexity to the campaign.

#2 Not developing a content strategy

As they say, content is king and so many people don’t get this right in lead generation. It’s important that you define targeting and persona groups before creating your content strategy. This is because you can’t design impactful content unless you know who you are creating it for. Your lead generation content strategy is intended to:

  • Attract potential prospects
  • Convince them to exchange their contact details in exchange for information
  • Convert them from leads into sales qualified leads, ready for your sales team to call
  • With your personas and targeting in mind, design content that is likely to appeal to your audience, answer their objections, and appeal to their motivations. These are known as lead magnets, an incentive offered to prospects in exchange for their contact information, such as a free PDF download, a report, eBook, whitepaper or video

Have a think about what sort of topic would be most impactful for your lead magnets – what are your competitors already offering? What sort of information is freely available? If your prospects were to ask you one question about your products or services, what is it likely to be?

Here are some tips to help you design your content strategy:

  1. Create distinct content for each persona group
  2. Provide at least three ad variants per persona so you can test different messaging and quickly update less successful variants or move budget to the best performing ad group
  3. Offer an irresistible asset as your lead magnet, one your prospects can’t get anywhere else and would happily exchange their information for
  4. Each persona group should have its own lead magnet, to maximise engagement with your content
  5. Ensure that your copy and imagery work together in harmony and that the imagery you choose is appropriate in theme and style for your persona group

For more information on how you can improve your lead generation in 2021, feel free to check out Leads on Tap, a free guide designed by The Brains, who specialise in digital marketing and online advertising services. This resource helps business owners and marketers take charge of generating leads for their business in the most effective way.

For more information or queries please contact:

Digital PR Manager

Email dominates business communication but poor processes kill productivity and frustrate employees

Mail Manager research finds 32% of employees spend nearly one working day per week managing inboxes

Email remains easily the most-used and most important communication tool but a lack of email management is having a major impact on business productivity. These are the findings of research revealed today by Mail Manager, a leading email management solution and part of the Arup Group, a global multinational professional services firm, which surveyed more than 1,000 decision-makers from organisations in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Email and Document Management Usage Benchmark report found that more than nine out of ten employees (91%) use email to communicate with their clients, while 61% prefer to use it more than any other form of communication tool. By comparison, 11% of respondents said their preferred medium was Skype and WhatsApp and 5% prefer to use Slack.

However, the continued inefficient use and management of email has led to it having a major effect on businesses’ efficiency and productivity. One-third of respondents (32%) spend at least one hour per day – the equivalent of nearly one working day per week – managing their email inboxes and 70% believe it’s one of the biggest productivity drains on the workforce. Furthermore, 73% of respondents say that too much time is wasted on trying to find emails and 38% believe “it’s not very easy” to find information in their inbox.

Jacob Wardrop, Commercial Director at Mail Manager said: “Email is the letter of today. While tools like Slack and WhatsApp are great for informal correspondence and chat, email remains the core correspondence method for formal communication.

“Before the digital era, companies would send formal correspondence as letters, which would be physically stored. Now, email is the tool for formal correspondence, but the need for filing and securely storing this communication remains, even though it’s digital.”

Poor email management drains productivity

Less than half of organisations (46%) use a formal, paid-for email management solution and only 35% use a dedicated document management solution. As a result, 46% of the respondents said they save or store less than half of their emails, while 62% still keep hard copies of emails. Furthermore, nearly a quarter of respondents (23%) said that email filing isn’t considered part of their quality management procedure.

The knock-on effect of this is employees being left frustrated by not being able to find specific documents in their inbox (56%), which ends up with them wasting time (60%), being less productive (50%) and losing visibility of project information through the lack of a paper trail (52%).

Email remains vital to business communication

Email continues to be used for a wide range of business purposes, with the most common being internal and team communications (74%) and client communication (70%). It’s also vital to tasks like sharing project work internally (68%), sharing contracts (65%) and important documentation (63%), and sharing project work with clients (62%).

The research also highlighted the importance of managing email, with respondents claiming it’s essential to delivering good record management (87%), providing better information visibility (86%) and quality management (84%). While 84% of respondents also claimed that poor email management could have significant consequences for their business.

Wardrop added: “This insight from businesses in the UK and the US shows they face common issues when it comes to email and document management. It’s clear that email remains vital to employees being as effective as possible and maintaining strong relationships with their clients.

“However, businesses still aren’t deploying effective email and document management solutions that make their employees’ lives easier and help them quickly find the documents and information they need when they need it. As a result, people are still being frustrated by wasting time digging through their email inboxes, which means they can’t be as productive as they and their employers want them to be.”

Download the full report on the research here.

About Mail Manager

Mail Manager is a leading email management solution, developed by Arup. Mail Manager works with more than 2,500 firms globally, with more than 70,000 users benefitting from powerful filing and search capabilities. For more information, visit

New rapid-turnaround Brexit service launched to help thousands of UK businesses prepare for January 1st

A new Brexit service has been launched to help the thousands of UK businesses yet to fully prepare for the end of the Transition Period get Brexit-ready. 

Called Brexit FastTrack and delivered by specialist export consultancy, Go Exporting, the service is designed to offer a detailed Brexit impact review and transition plan that’s specific to each business. 

And, critical as the Brexit countdown clock ticks under 30 days to go, the Brexit FastTrack service can turn-around in just seven working days. 

According to Government data, some 61% of businesses have so far done little, if anything, to prepare for Brexit. And whilst many companies will have seen their preparations hampered by dealing with the immediate threat of the Coronavirus pandemic, there are also swathes of companies around the UK who don’t know where to turn to for help, are unsure of what exactly they need to do to be Brexit ready, and potentially some who also under-estimate just how much there is to prepare. 

Go Exporting’s Brexit FastTrack is designed to give businesses the actual actions they need to take in the form of a detailed report that covers 24 areas, including EORI requirements, customs rules and regulations, likely tariffs and duties, VAT procedure changes and supply chain implications. 

Mike Wilson, CEO and founder of Go Exporting, said that: “Brexit will be a challenge for all companies; from managing and maintaining your current EU customers and supply chain, to understanding the impact of new customs arrangements, tariffs and Incoterms.

“Whilst many businesses were unprepared even before the start of the year, the coronavirus pandemic has no-doubt hampered the efforts of those companies who had every intention of focusing on the Brexit challenge head-on throughout 2020.

“That’s why we’ve launched our Brexit FastTrack service. With time running out, every business needs to take the required steps to make sure they’re Brexit-ready. We’ll help them understand exactly what those required steps are.”

Brexit FastTrack starts at £950 +VAT with an express service available for rapid-turnaround too. Learn more about the service and how it works here –

About Go Exporting

Go Exporting is a specialist export consultancy that helps businesses profitably expand into new international markets. 

Founder Mike Wilson has over 30-years experience in international trade, and through Go Exporting has supported the likes of Allica Bank, Business Wales, Enterprise Ireland and the Jordan Chamber of Industry. 

For more information, visit or email

Custom packaging tech firm tops fastest growing business list after 9000% growth

An eco-packaging tech firm, who achieved 9077% growth, has taken the top spot as the fastest growing technology company in Central Europe.

Warsaw-based startup, Packhelp, has topped the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe list and joins Newcastle-based FinTech firm, DivideBuy, as the top ranked firm for the UK.

Packhelp has a mission to make custom branded packaging accessible to all businesses, fusing the printing industry, the packaging industry and the modern world of graphic design together in one easy to use tech platform.

Deloitte’s UK Fast 50 is one of Europe’s foremost technology awards programs. Now in its twenty-third successful year, it is an acknowledgement of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies based on revenue growth over the last four years, from 2016 to 2019. 

Konrad Kwiatkowski, CMO & Co-Founder at Packhelp said: “As a start-up we are proud to be acknowledged by such a credible accolade and our success is testament to our fantastic team of 170 professionals making this possible with their hard work every day.”

“Packhelp is trusted by over 22,000 brands across Europe who want custom branded packaging without the eco footprint and in a product range tailored to their needs. We’re a European business helping European brands grow globally. We live in one of the hottest Startup environments in the world and we are really proud to see 15 other local companies on the list too.”

Packhelp is available across Europe – For more information or further advice visit

As clocks go back, Swansway Group offers advice for driving safely in the dark

Featured on their TorqueTips blog, dealer group Swansway Group offers its Top Tips for Driving Safely in the Dark.

It’s the time of year when many spend a lot of time driving at dusk or in the dark. With as little as eight hours of daylight in the Winter months, most will travel to and from work or school in the dark, so it’s important that drivers are prepared for the driving conditions ahead.

Swansway’s Top Tips for Driving Safely in the Dark:

Keep your lights dipped on low lit roads to avoid distracting other drivers

Whilst full beam lights are advised, where safe, on country roads or narrow lanes, it’s also very important to always dip car lights for any oncoming traffic. In the dark, dazzling lights can seriously impede vision, even after the car has passed, and when in control of a high speed car, those few seconds of bad vision could mean all the difference.

Take extra time to assess potential driving hazards

The basics of safe driving become even more crucial as the nights draw in. With less daylight hours, there is the potential for increased melatonin levels and fatigue – so if drivers start to feel drowsy behind the wheel, it’s important to stop and take a break. Allowing enough time at junctions, in low light conditions, to assess the presence of cyclists and pedestrians, helps to avoid putting anyone at risk.

Take extra care while passing cyclists, they may not be as visible

Cyclists should be equally as visible as pedestrians, kitted out with reflective clothing as well as bike lights and reflectors, however, this is not always the case. Take extra care while passing cyclists on the roads during the dark, as it may not always be possible see how much room there is to pass until it is too late.

Test your car lights

Drivers should regularly test their car lights, replace bulbs if necessary and ensure headlamps are cleaned regularly, as salt and grit can make them dirtier quicker than any other time of year.

Regular Eye Checks

It’s important to never wear dark or tinted lenses for night driving, and equally important to ensure that drivers check in with an Optician regularly, to keep eyes healthy and performing at their best. The bright beams from other road users could have a damaging effect on eyes and potentially worsen night vision, so with regular checks at your opticians, this helps to identify any underlying problems that may affect vision when driving in the dark.

Swansway Group said:  “Many drivers will be faced with changing driving conditions as winter approaches. It’s important that drivers are aware of the challenges they may face, as the clocks go back. Driving safely is imperative year round, but it is even more important that drivers are fully prepared for driving safely in the dark.”

For further advice on driving in the dark and more tips, check out Torque Tips blog.

Swansway Motor Group Launches Quick and Easy Car Buying Service

Customers of Swansway Motor Group in the North West can now buy cars entirely online. Their new online service allows them to select and pay for a car in full or apply for a finance arrangement, allowing for simply Click’n’Collect purchases. 

Swansway Motor Group, a car dealership franchise based across the North West, has launched an online service that allows customers to purchase from the comfort of their own home. Customers can now buy vehicles online, either by paying for it in full on the website or by applying for and receiving finance deals without having to need to visit any physical dealership.

The ability to purchase a car online is a new evolution for Swansway Motor Group, which has allowed customers to browse their stock and reserve the car that they want by paying a £99 deposit for many years. The £99 deposit can be paid by credit or debit card and the Group has expanded the options to allow for payment via Apple Pay or Google Pay to make it as easy as possible. And now those customers can proceed to the next step and start the process of purchasing the car outright without having to follow up without a physical visit.

Vehicle finance has been fully integrated into the website in order to make it easier for customers to find the right finance type for them. Customers can also change their deposit and finance term to suit their individual requirements. Customers can start by browsing the available stock, can get a part-exchange valuation if they want, then apply for finance online or pay in full. Once the purchase is complete, the vehicle will be waiting for them at the dealership so they can make any final inspections before driving off with the car of their choice.

The website makes it easy for customers to customise and track their purchases. Each visitor can make their own account which tracks ongoing deals, as well as allowing them to save their favourite vehicles, quotes, and any finance applications they have completed or started on. There’s no rush to complete an application in one sitting, as they can save their progress and complete it next time when they have the information they need.

Despite offering complete online car sales, Swansway Motor Group is still there to help ensure the best possible car purchase experience. They offer virtual appointments that can take place on any phone, tablet, or computer, so customers can speak to their team and watch live videos of the vehicles that they’re interested in. Once the full payment of a vehicle is confirmed, the Group will arrange a collection appointment on a date and time to suit the customer. This collection will be contact-free and take place in a dedicated handover area.

To learn more about Swansway Motor Group, their new buy online services, and the stock available, visit their website at

Decision-Based Selling: New Book Shifts Stale Paradigm That Has Made ‘Selling’ A Dirty Word

Fed up with the old way of selling? New business book redefines what selling can be … the engine driving change for the whole business to the benefit of everyone’s wellbeing

Sacramento, CA, 21 September 2020 – Abandoning the stale business sales paradigm of pitch and persuade is critical for companies that want to build sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with customers, seasoned sales experts Scott A. Roy and Dr. Roy W. Whitten explain in their new book, Decision Intelligence SellingTransform the Way Your People Sell

The book will resonate with business leaders, sales managers and salespeople tired of alienating clients with selling behaviors and environments that are counter-productive at best, dysfunctional and manipulative at worst.

“Our mission is to prove that ‘selling’ isn’t a word to be ashamed of,” Scott A. Roy explains. “Our book shows readers how to turn sales into a process of developing the decision intelligence of clients. By doing so, they are helping clients to make the best possible buying decision.”

Dr. Roy W. Whitten adds: “We’re offering a fundamental change of direction on how to sell in a way that increases profitability while upholding the wellbeing of everyone impacted, from clients, employees, suppliers to the communities in which businesses operate.”

Featuring insightful concepts around how the mind works, Decision Intelligence Selling lays out a template for an innovative way for companies to sell their products and services. Over nine chapters, illustrated with a wealth of real stories from over a decade of fieldwork, the authors put their readers into the training room teaching them to sell in this new way, which requires breaking through hardened habits, worn routines and fixed mindsets.

Offering a framework for genuinely transformative sales and leadership practices, Decision Intelligence Selling teaches readers how to:

  • Help clients make the best buying decision with the authors’ Decision Intelligence concept that builds trust between buyer and seller, and actually leads the buyer to make an informed decision that they fully stand behind.
  • Have compelling sales conversations that finally ditch the “itch to pitch”.
  • Aim the brain for sales success by discovering the “wants-under-the-wants”.
  • Master attitude by becoming aware of it, learning to shift and control it.
  • Turn off Autopilot, the automatic way of doing things in life, and in fact the ‘problem-under-the-other problems’ and primary cause of ineffectiveness in salespeople.

The book’s authors, Dr. W. Roy Whitten and Scott A. Roy, are the co-founders of international sales consultancy Whitten & Roy Partnership. With a global consultant network, they have helped businesses and organizations in over 40 countries transform their sales results.

Scott A. Roy spent the first part of his career building and running large direct-sales organizations and co-founded an insurance company in the United States that has grown to over $1B in assets. Dr. W. Roy Whitten, an expert in attitude and its role in human performance and sales management, earned a PhD for his work in transformative learning and change. In over 40 years as a trainer, consultant and coach, he has personally coached and trained over 100,000 people. 

David Allen, international best-selling author of Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity comments: “If you can use simple but powerful keys to influence people in your direction, whether you’re in sales or simply in life, this is a must-read. Roy and Scott have written a new manual for sales training, but surprisingly, a page-turner for us all in leveraging our relationships to everyone’s advantage. Bravo.“

Andy Paul, top industry expert whose Sales Enablement Podcast has received millions of downloads, says: “Success in sales often boils down to approaching the task with the correct perspective in mind about what your job as a seller really is. In their new book, Decision Intelligence Selling, Whitten & Roy do an excellent job of laying out what this should be for the modern enterprise salesperson.”

Published by US independent publisher Niche Pressworks, Decision Intelligence Selling is available on Amazon in both print (paperback $12.99, hardback $25.99) and ebook editions ($9.99) from 21 September 2020. More about the book and authors can be found at:

Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts on social media via the hashtag




The media kit, including authors’ photos and book images, is available for download here:

For book copy requests and other media enquiries, please contact:

Katharina Winkler – PR Consultant

Email: / telephone +44 (0) 7940 510 008

Davide Castorina  – Marketing Consultant

Email: telephone Tel: +33 6 64 17 27 77


About the authors:

Dr. W. Roy Whitten and Scott A. Roy are the co-founders of Whitten & Roy Partnership, an international sales consultancy that helps leading businesses and organizations transform their sales results. Founded in 2009, the company today comprises a network of consultants operating in 40 countries around the world.

Drawing on many decades of sales experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, and with backgrounds in psychology and business development, their business offers an ethical and effective sales approach that is fit for use by socially minded organizations that are genuinely concerned with the well-being of their own people and the clients they serve.

For more information visit:

Linkedin: @WhittenandRoyPartnership

Facebook: @WRPartnership

Twitter: @WRPartnership

InfoBest Ltd Has Partnered with Trustpilot to Produce a Premium Business Directory

InfoBest, a company founded by Barry Walker, a digital marketing expert with 15 years’ experience advertising for tradesmen, was released in April 2020 giving professional services a way to advertise their business at low costs. The platform showcases their business reputation to a large local audience. UK businesses are given a 14-day free trial and can purchase an advert on a monthly subscription. There is no yearly contract like many other online UK directory services. InfoBest operates without sales staff, giving the company more ammunition to deliver a great return on investment for their clients.

Building a good reputation online helps increase conversions, builds good customer relations and gives you a focal point that many of your competitors may not have. Potential customers take notice of a company’s reputation and recent reviews. 9 out of 10 consumers in the UK say that positive reviews have influenced their buying decisions.

Trustpilot is the number one UK review platform for businesses wanting to increase visibility of brand and reputation. InfoBest have teamed up with Trustpilot as the review platform combats fake reviews using a combination of dedicated staff and smart technology to protect their platform.

The InfoBest directory includes hundreds of features to help clients and businesses connect, with plenty more planned in the near future. The Trustpilot score for your business and recent reviews will be imported automatically upon new business submissions.

You can visit  HERE to see the new digital platform.

Barry Walker
InfoBest Marketing Strategist
0333 772 1429

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