34% of Brits Admit that Having No Tea, Coffee or Milk are a ‘Hosting Faux-Pas’

When it comes to hosting a dinner party, it can be a difficult task to strike a great balance between providing your guests with a great, fun experience whilst still finding time to cook excellent food.

According to this infographic, one of the worst faux pas that a guest could do on a dinner date is bringing their dog without asking. An astonishing 59% found this rude, making it the worst offender on the list.

66% of people commented that wearing muddy shoes throughout the house was a no-go, followed by 64% mentioning that being glued a phone wasn’t a great sign of a successful dinner date. 36% of votes was also criticism of tea-making skills.

When it comes to overnight guests, 47% of people referred to their biggest ‘faux pas’ for a guest as outstaying their welcome. When it comes to our own time, it doesn’t seem like us Brits are that big on sharing!

32% regarded it rude when guests helped themselves to the kitchen cupboard without asking, followed by 29% leaving the bedroom messy and 12% oversleeping in the morning.

With regards to hosting, 34% of people regarded a lack of tea, milk or coffee as a bad sign, along with 36% saying that it was a faux pas to refuse to put the heating on when it’s freezing.

An astonishing 55% of people said that unclean bed sheets were the biggest no-go for a host to provide.

Whether you’re dining with family and friends or are offering your hosting skills as part of a date, here are the common faux pas to avoid to keep both hosts (and guests) happy:


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