Book Discussing Female Victim Blaming Set to Be Released

Dr Jessica Taylor

A new book investigating the cause and results of female victim blaming is set to be released. 

This book, aptly named ‘Why Women are Blamed for Everything: Exploring victim blaming of women subjected to violence and trauma’, is by Dr Jessica Taylor, a senior lecturer in forensic and criminal psychology. 

The author, Dr Taylor, explained its title, stating: “I called it ‘Why women are blamed for everything’ because in all of the work and research I have done, I have seen women handed the blame for everything from being harassed in the street to being trafficked and sold for sex. 

Anything that can be used against them, is used against them. Even if they couldn’t consent.”

Dr Taylor discussed how current structures enable this way of thinking and behaving, by adding: “I write about the ways the criminal justice system, our mental health services and even our primary schools encourage and uphold the victim blaming culture.”

Dr Taylor, is also the founder of VictimFocus, an organisation who are trying to change the dialogue around this area and put a stop to victim blaming. 

Dr Jessica Taylor
Dr Jessica Taylor

She has used her experience with this group, along with research from her field of study, to craft a book that poses the question of why we turn to the victims for answers, rather than the perpetrators. 

It also highlights underlying biases within society and gives real life accounts from those who have been worst affected by these attitudes. 

Although the title does use psychological theory and refers to the social sciences, the reader is not required to be an expert in these areas. It is written with the goal of being accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about this area. 

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