United Kingdom Not Even Top 50 of World’s Safest Countries Research Board Revealed

With fears of terror attacks impacting travel abroad decisions, the Global Travel and Tourism Report created by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has provided a list of 20 of the safest locations.

The United Kingdom (UK) terror threat has been raised to critical in the wake of the recent attack in Manchester at the Manchester Arena.

In August, 2014, UK Prime Minister Theresa May had already brought the threat of terror index to severe, but since the recent attack, but it has been raised up a level following the deaths at Manchester Arena.  “Severe” means an attack is “highly likely“ and “critical” means an attack is “expected imminently.”

Because of this, many British citizens are wondering just where is it safe and may wish to leave, according to experts.

The WEF characterizes Finland is the safest area in the world, and so if you seek a quiet, safe area, this Northern European country is a place to go.  It borders Sweden, Russia, and Norway and in the far north is Lapland, the origin of Father Christmas.

Some may be surprised that Qatar came in at the second safest country with the United Emirates right behind it.  Both countries are in the Middle East.

The Northern Lights was fourth, with Austria fifth safest.

The UK came in, unfortunately, as 63rd even below Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, and Rwanda, with the United States (US) coming in as 73rd.  Nigeria registered the lowest score for safety and security in the report.

Countries such as North Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq and North Korea were not even ranked in the report.

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