Costa Rica is One of the Safest Places to Travel in 2017

The following is a discussion about seven holiday retreats that are indicated to be safe for British travelers during the summer months based on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) data. This is top of mind based on the recent terrorist attack at the concert at Manchester Arena featuring Ariana Grande.

British citizens had already canceled plans to visit Turkey, Spain and France following violence. Now with terror attacks occurring in typically peaceful countries such as Sweden, it is hard to decide what is really a non-violent vacation spot.

So, the FCO has recently released data discussing which spots have a “low threat from terrorism” in 2017.

They are as follows:

Costa Rica has fascinating animals such as monkeys, leatherback turtles, and jaguars.  The turtles, which can be up to six feet long, come to shore to leave their eggs.

Playa Manuel Antonio beach in the same named national park, is a must see, along with Nicoya Peninsula.

Even though Costa Rica has a “low threat” of terrorism, the FCO cautions that the entire world is at risk which could take place in public areas with a lot of tourists.

Bhutan is another place with beautiful temples and plentiful markets and the FCO says it has a “low threat” as well.

Its most well known site for pilgrims is recommended–Taktsang Lhakhang should be seen.

Fiji is next, with FCO data backing up its safety.

It has what is described as “another dream-like beach destination.”  The Tavoro Waterfall and Sabeto hot springs with its mud pools are must sees.

Laos is fourth on the safe sites list, and it is supposed to be easy to travel off the proverbial “beaten path.”  It has beautiful beaches, great food and is an alternative to travel in Thailand.

Japan is considered safe, and the FCO calls it a “bucket list item.”  You would do well to see the Buddhist temples, amazing gardens in Kyoto, and/or gape at the skyscrapers and technology at play there.

The Central American country of Belize is looking good on the safety front and it is an amazing scuba diving location.  Go to the Great Blue Hole, described as a “giant submarine sinkhole,” and is just off of Belize City.of the best places in the world to go scuba diving

French Polynesia has more than 100 islands.  In the South Pacific, Pippa Middleton took her honeymoon there and it is deemed safe.

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