4 Myths About Vaping You Should Never Believe

When it comes to comparison of vaping with smoking, the advantages of the former are obvious. In light of the study conducted by UK Royal College of Physicians on Tobacco Harm Reduction, vaping is less a harmful option when compared to combustible cigarettes. Whenever a vape lover sees so much criticism and hyper over social media and news channels, he thinks the world has lost their collective brain.

After all, millions of former smokers have set aside their cigarettes for vaping, and many of those have gone the final step and used vaping to completely end their use of nicotine. And yet they still see their beloved vaping activity treated as though it were no better than tobacco use. There are a number of such myths about vaping that are not true at all and you should not believe as well.

E-Liquid Rates Will Grow

Apparently, it seems a fine factor but the point is the prices and rates of e-juices will not grow with time. There are hundreds of brands preparing and manufacturing e-juices for the millions of vape users so the prices cannot escalate as rapidly as reported. In addition, the diversity and options in different flavors also make it easier for the customers to purchase affordable e-liquids.

Vaping Causes Cancer

It’s totally absurd to find out such claims that have no ground realities. There are some studies that speak against vaping and called for the legalization of e-cigarettes. The reports by Center of Disease Control and Prevention suggest the use of e-cigarettes is promoting cancer. But the medical experts and researchers have urged the whole world to not believe in any results until any further long time study appears. On the other hand, if you start checking the studies in favor of vaping- you will find a lot many. The point here is vaping is really a safer option when compared to smoking.

E-Liquids are Dangerous

This tends to be probably the most common myth believed by people. This is not the case, anyways. The acceptance of e-cigarettes and juices used speaks louder for their success. It all is the outcome of benefits the vape users get with flavored e-liquids. Studies have also proved that vaping should be encouraged to help the public health improve. Imposing bans or introducing restrictions to make vaping laws tougher will be a wrong move by the government. The public health advocates should step forward and speak in support of vaping.

Harms of Vaping

People believe vaping causes the same harms to your body as traditional smoking. This is really a myth and if you are serious enough, just read about the ingredients used for manufacturing of e-liquids. There are only elements and they all are safe and even having use in food products. One thing sure about vaping is the users can breathe easier. Other benefits include – a help to quit smoking, no smell, no smoke, very affordable and above all less harmful.

Final Words

All these points discussed have not been proven by any studies. People are being discouraged and misguided regarding the use of vaping. The vape users should help other traditional smokers and guide them what actually vaping is and how it changes human health. As people will start giving hands to other smokers around, this world will become a better place and we will have a healthy community.

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