Researchers Reveal What It Takes To Be A Gentleman

Manners maketh the man, as well as a sharp suit and sharper hair-do, according to Brits.

A new study into the traits that define the modern gentleman has revealed being respectful, polite and kind are important above all else, and over a third think a good sense of style is vital to today’s sophisticated man of the world.

Holding the door open for others, listening when other people speak and putting away his mobile phone at the dinner table were among the highest ranking behaviours believed to signal a gentleman.

According to 58 per cent of those surveyed, a modern gentleman can most likely be spotted wearing a perfectly tailored suit, and 41 per cent reckon they can pick a true gent out of the crowd by the way he grooms his hair.

Sotos Georgalli, Brand and Creative Director at Moss Bros., the men’s tailoring retailer which commissioned the study to support Suit Up Britain, said: “It’s never been more important to make a fantastic impression, whether in the workplace, out on the town, or to a potential new romantic partner.

“With a few behavioural changes, a mindful attitude and a modern tailored look, the aspirational lifestyle of the modern gent is within British men’s grasp.

“We’ve seen a rise in dressed-down looks recently but most men still find it challenging to make a great impression in casual clothing. If anything, the trend towards sportswear worn as an everyday uniform has helped to elevate the status of the tailored suit.”

Over 63 per cent of men are most likely to turn to the smart attire of a suit when they want to present themselves at their best, and are willing to pay £600 on average to guarantee a great first impression.

And it seems a suit’s a good bet on the dating scene too, as 44 per cent of women think a man looks his most attractive when dressed to the nines in a fine suit, and 42 per think a tailored garment makes a man look more professional.

When it comes to the tailors, one in six men opt for the full fitting experience, while almost one in two blokes grab a regular fit off the rack, and a quarter opt for a slimmer profile.

As for hairstyles, the modern gentleman sports a short back and sides or generally short do, according to the research, while long hair, the top-knot and the quiff are considered ‘un-gentlemanly’.

And while a stylish appearance goes hand-in-hand with being gentlemanly, it’s not everything.

Over a quarter of Brits think the modern gentleman should keep themselves fit playing a sport, 28 per cent consider cooking skills a must, and a third of Brits expect a gentleman to keep a tidy home.

In a survey of our favourite suited celebs, Sir David Beckham was considered the sharpest dresser, with nods to Daniel Craig, George Clooney and Ryan Gosling.

Sotos Georgalli, Brand and Creative Director at Moss Bros., the men’s tailoring retailer that commissioned the study, continued: “From movie stars to entrepreneurs, wearing a fantastic suit remains a sartorial byword for ambition and success.”

“It comes as little surprise then that over a third of British men feel most professional and powerful in a tailored suit, while almost half feel their smartest when dressed in their best.

“Suit Up Britain is our rally cry to spur the men of Britain into dressing with style and taking pride in how they put themselves together.”


  1. Holds the door open for others
  2. Listens when other people speak
  3. Puts his phone away at the dinner table
  4. Keeps good personal hygiene
  5. Arrives punctually to social events and meetings
  6. Keeps a tidy home
  7. Lends his jacket to his partner on a cold night
  8. Knows when to admit he is wrong
  9. Polishes his shoes
  10. Keeps himself in shape
  11. Greets guests at the door
  12. Tells the truth, even in difficult circumstances
  13. Knows when to ask for help
  14. Good at remembering names and faces
  15. Up to date on current events
  16. Never gets too drunk
  17. Walks on the road-side of the pavement
  18. Avoids gossip and gossiping
  19. Keeps a tidy wardrobe
  20. Wears a watch
  21. Generous in the bedroom
  22. Steps in to resolve disputes
  23. Refrain from social media over-use
  24. Tells witty anecdotes
  25. Tech savvy, but not overly so
  26. Brings his partner breakfast in bed
  27. Gives money to charity
  28. Knows how to set a table
  29. Knows how to change a tyre
  30. Can entertain your children
  31. Has opinions on the political landscape
  32. Knows how to give a toast at dinner
  33. Cooks a few signature dishes
  34. Knows how to host a mean BBQ
  35. Knows how to put up a shelf
  36. Good music taste
  37. Knows how to carve at the dinner table
  38. Knows how to tie a bow tie
  39. Has never taken a selfie
  40. Knows how to flirt
  41. Handwrites letters
  42. Reads a broadsheet newspaper
  43. Knows their whisky
  44. Reads the literary greats
  45. Knows a second language
  46. Has a signature drink
  47. Knows about flowers
  48. Knows the offside rule
  49. Knows how to make a range of alcohol drinks
  50. Knows how to camp/bushcraft



  1. David Beckham
  2. Daniel Craig
  3. George Clooney
  4. Prince William
  5. Ryan Gosling
  6. George Clooney
  7. Colin Firth
  8. Idris Elba
  9. Ryan Reynolds
  10. Prince Harry


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