Interactive Technology Transforms Exhibition at the Houses of Parliament

Multi-touch, interactive and digital projection technology has been launched at the new Parliament and the First World exhibition at Westminster Hall, to make archived collections accessible to a broad audience as a vital educational resource.

LamasaTech, an international Digital Technology enterprise based in the North East, has been working closely with the Parliamentary Archives’ public services and outreach team to capitalise on new technology, enabling visitors to access their vast repository of information more easily. This project signifies the value which the museum and heritage sector could see from new technology, designed to drive user accessibility and engagement.

As a focal point of the exhibition, a custom-built interactive, multi-touch table was manufactured and installed to host the archival collections. An online Content Management System, specifically designed for the museum and heritage sectors, is used to select the content for the table. This allows the team to create new exhibitions, add galleries and publish a variety of media content, along with detailed interpretation of the materials on display. All of which can be managed by the Archives team and sent to the interactive table with the touch of a button – without having to leave the office.

Users can delve into the archival collections using the touch table, drawing out the information that sparks their interest, truly bringing the collections to life.

Negating the need for new investment, LamasaTech repurposed legacy projection equipment, servicing and installing the system to ensure longevity beyond the duration of the exhibition. As energy efficiency is paramount, an industrial media player and timing software were also implemented.

The projection content, designed and developed by LamasaTech, is used to honor those associated with Parliament, who lost their lives during the First World War. Their name, title, age and date of death are animated on a custom-printed backdrop, housed within the exhibition space. The tone of the digital interpretation reflects the melancholic feel of this display, designed to evoke emotion and connection with those tragically lost.

David Prior, Head of Public Services and Outreach, described the overall technology solution as an interesting and fantastic development in the sector, which is set to drive wider audience engagement. Prior explained, “I see the technology as an integral part of our regional work and site outreach going forward, in museums and galleries across the country.” Claire Batley, Senior Archivist, added “The technology has been very well-received by the initial visitors to the exhibition.”

Mahmoud Elsaid, Director of LamasaTech, said “We are immensely proud to have been chosen by the Houses of Parliament and to be representing the North East. All the hard work of our production and development teams, combined with the creativity of this region allow us to support such prestigious national and international clients, sector-wide.”

Louis Bell-Proctor, Consultancy & Development Manager at LamasaTech added “The Parliament & The First World War Exhibition has been a fantastic project to be involved with from start to finish. The challenge of encapsulating the collections into an accessible, digital format was something that really excited us. The successful design, development and implementation of the technology been a fantastic effort from all the LamasaTech team and our partners at Parliamentary Archives. We very much look forward to supporting the Houses of Parliament for the duration of the exhibition and in the future.”

The Parliament and the First World War exhibition commemorates the centenary of the First World War and is running in Westminster Hall from 3 July – 28 September 2017.


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