Migraine Supplement Pioneer Akeso Health Sciences Wins “MigreLief”® Trademark Suit

Akeso Health Sciences, LLC today announced that a federal court in Oregon has entered final judgment in favor of Akeso in its suit against Quantum, Inc. regarding the trademark “MigreLief®” – The court’s judgment awarded to Akeso sole ownership of the MigreLief® trademark and damages over $400,000. In addition, the judgment prohibits Quantum from using the MigreLief trademark and requires Quantum to destroy, recall and impound all packaging that bears the MigreLief trademark. Akeso was represented in the litigation by Staci Riordan, Aaron Brian and their colleagues at Nixon Peabody, LLP.

Akeso’s co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Curt Hendrix invented the formula for MigreLief® in the late 1990s and was awarded multiple United States patents relating to proprietary compositions of parthenolide (a compound derived from the feverfew plant), magnesium, and riboflavin. For over 15 years, migraine sufferers have relied on Akeso’s patented MigreLief® Triple Therapy with Puracol™.

During that time, Akeso granted Quantum limited distribution rights for the patented formula. However, after Akeso terminated Quantum’s limited distribution rights, Quantum released a new product with different ingredients and marketed it to the public under the same MigreLief name. “Many customers and healthcare professionals were very confused and thought we had changed our formula,” stated Hendrix, who is happy to be moving forward after the judgment. “We spent many years building the brand and reputation. – MigreLief® has made a difference in the lives of countless migraine patients and is recommended by many healthcare professionals, so I am relieved the confusion will end,” continued Hendrix.

Akeso has reinvested its success with MigreLief® in developing and expanding its product offerings. Since launching the original MigreLief migraine supplement for chronic migraine sufferers, Akeso has added Children’s MigreLief® (age 2-11), MigreLief+M (menstrual/hormonal migraines) and MigreLief-NOW, a fast-acting “as-needed” supplement. – “Now that the dispute with Quantum is behind us, we can focus on launching our new condition-specific products in the areas of sleep, joint health, breast health, and eyesight health,” stated Hendrix. Akeso’s latest release was “Calm & Clever,” a dietary supplement addressing stress and memory.

About Akeso: Akeso’s MigreLief® products are available at MigreLief.com and other online retailers, in nutrition stores and independent pharmacies nationwide (Store-locator: MigreLief.US), and by calling 1-800-758-8746. Healthcare professionals, resellers or distributors interested in reselling Akeso dietary supplements including MigreLief® 

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