The Average UK Water Bill has Increased by 2.06% in Three Years

When it comes to running our homes, many property owners and buyers are doing all they can to reduce their monthly expenditure. But, according to new research, there’s one unavoidable cost that is experiencing a heightening price.

It’s been found that in the past three years, the cost of household water bills in England and Wales has fluctuated. This is because the utility costs depends on the individual water supplier, the size of the region and the availability of fresh water.

According to the research by Water UK, on average, the combined water and sewage bill for the 17/18 year is an astonishing £395 per year for each household. This is a 1.54% increase on the previous year, where the combined bill was £6 cheaper.

This effectively means that homes in these countries are paying £1.08 for their water supply.

The research also found that the average water bill, excluding sewerage fees, for England and Wales costs £185 per year, per household.

A recent discovery by discovered that the percentage difference for combined water and sewerage bills in England and Wales is greater with South West Water. In this region, the average household pays £491 for their facilities, despite the fact that their average bill has decreased by £4 in the last three years. It was also found that this is 26p more, per day, than the average daily rate for England and Wales.

The second-highest combined bill comes from Wessex Water, where the average homeowner forks out £470 every year for their water and sewerage.

On the other hand, Severn Trent Water was found to be home to the most affordable fee. Here, homeowners are paying just £341 per year, on average. Despite this being a 3.33% increase for the area within the past three years, it’s 43% less than South West Water customers.

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