WhatMatrix Launches New Public Cloud Comparison

LONDON, UK, September 13, 2017 – WhatMatrix – the crowdsourced consultancy community platform – today announced the availability of its Public Cloud Comparison. Focusing on the Infrastructure as a Service virtual machine capability, this latest comparison evaluates hyperscale public cloud providers Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM Bluemix.

The comparison, overseen by category consultant Ephraim Baron, provides the following advantages for users of the WhatMatrix platform:

• A transparent set of criteria to evaluate hyperscale cloud providers
• Detailed evaluation of a range of services, starting with virtual machines
• Complementary insight on Cloud Management Platforms
• Coming Soon: The ability to define “use cases” to find the best platform for a particular requirement

“For an increasing number of businesses pursuing a multi cloud strategy, having access to detailed evaluations of vendors’ capabilities provides a baseline for decision making,” commented Community Board Member, Ruben Spruijt. “With public cloud computing growing nearly 40 percent annually, Infrastructure as a Service is still the fastest growing area of the cloud market and has, therefore, been our initial focus. We believe WhatMatrix provides the most comprehensive, openly available, analysis of cloud compute capabilities in the market today.” concluded Spruijt.

Along with Ephraim Baron, the analysis has been undertaken by WhatMatrix contributing consultants Marius Sandbu, and Ronald van Vugt, with support from other WhatMatrix community members. Plans are already in place to expand the coverage of cloud services and providers in coming months.

In addition to this new WhatMatrix cloud comparison, work is currently underway on an evaluation of Blockchain technologies led by Michael Gord of MLG Blockchain Consulting. This new comparison category will be published in the fourth quarter.

About WhatMatrix

WhatMatrix has evolved from the popular VirtualizationMatrix and is the first crowdsourced-powered IT comparison community and is changing the consultancy landscape. By providing curated, free and “always-online” technology comparisons by respected industry experts, WhatMatrix significantly reduces the time and cost spent on researching suitable technologies to solve today’s business challenges. Being involved with WhatMatrix instantly raises the profile for both vendors and contributing consultants alike. For more information visit www.whatmatrix.com.

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